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I have been having intermittent Comcast issues for over 6 months. So I have decided to use this to start tracking outages and as an easy way to share the info with Comcast so I don't have to keep repeating my story.

Normally, I get 50mb down and 10mb up. When the issue pops up, it suddenly drops to as low as 0.25 down, and 0.01 up.

Sometimes this goes on for an hour, sometimes for days. As a tech journalist covering the videoconferencing industry, I make several video calls a day, so I need steady bandwidth.

When I call to complain, they schedule a tech to come by a few days later. Several times, the tech simply failed to show up without calling or rescheduling. When I call to ask why, they have no explanation for failing to reschedule.

At one point they told me that if they came out, and the problem was on my end, they would charge me for the visit. So I purchased a new router/modem and splitter at my own expense, which did not fix the problem.

Of course, when the tech does arrive, my bandwidth is fine. I am told he is unable to diagnose it unless it is happening while he is here. Then I am told that since it seems to be working now, I should be happy and we are done. When it goes down again a few days or weeks later, I start over from scratch. They have no records from the previous techs and act as if it is a brand new problem. That includes 30-45 min of troubleshooting at my end (reboot modem, reboot computer, check connections, etc.). I have been through this process far too many times. When each new tech arrives (I have had about 5 different techs here at this point), he starts from scratch, and makes guesses about the possible cause which conflict with what the previous techs have said. Finally the tech leaves without any resolution.

This puts me in a position where they won't come out to diagnose as the issue happens, and they can't diagnose it when it is not happening. Catch 22. I finally managed to get escalated to their "Make it Right" department. They are very professional and responsive, but have been unable to get the local techs to fix the problem after yet another month.

I probably should have been tracking this all along, but I really thought it would be fixed by now. I will try to keep updating as outages occur. 

All times are approximate, I don't catch every outage, and I am not tracking duration, which ranges from 30 min, to several hours. 


11:00pm (decided to run several tests for more initial data)

Bad but didn't run a speed test

Too bad to even connect to speedtest for a while before I got the following.




Bad for about 30 min but didn't run a speed test

Bad for about 30 min but didn't run a speed test


Bad but didn't run a speed test



Completely disconnecting every few minutes.

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Gamification of Business

I just wrote an article on the AvayaLive Engage solution. It is like World of Warcraft for Business. Very cool.

Side Note: I have been neglecting G+ and feel like a bit of a hypocrite. I complain that G+ isn't giving me the value I want, but I haven't been interacting here, or even posting links to my own content. I just use it for the Hangouts. I want to give G+ another shot, let's see how it goes. :)

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How the heck...
Shake Your head and You will see...

Florida Bar results are in. I passed. (Happy!) That makes three. I am ready for the inevitable convergence of VC and Legal issues.

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Should we call it The 2012 iPad?

The new iPad has no name. They are just calling it the new iPad. Not the iPad 3 or the iPad HD, just the new iPad.

Well we clearly can't call it "The new iPad" forever. What happens when its old? Maybe Apple wants to get away from the numbering thing and just have one name regardless of updates. Like how they name cars. You don't get a Honda Civic5 or a Ford Explorer7, you just get a Honda Civic or a Ford Explorer. If people want more information you give the year.

Unless Apple comes up with a name for the new iPad, I think calling it the 2012 iPad works fine.

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Ok Internet, you win. I have hit cuteness overload.

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In high school, one of my friends convinced me that if I slept with my textbook under my pillow the night before a test, some of the info would seep into my head. I knew he was messing with me, but there were a few times where I was nervous enough to give it a try.

Tomorrow I am driving up to Tampa to set up camp for the bar (Tues and Weds). So I thought I would give the old high school osmosis trick a try...

I am studying "Wills, Trusts, and Estates" this morning. So depressing. In almost every hypo, someone dies and everyone else acts terrible (terribly?).

Florida's "Homestead" law is very cool though.

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Where My Head Is At

Over the last few months this has been gradually taking over my life. It is now at the point where I am considering waterproofing the outlines so I can study while I am in the shower.

Whether you are an old friend, or just someone who randomly found me on Google+, please wish me luck and excuse me if my posts make less and less sense over the next few days (I need sleep!).
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