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As you may recall, we took the drapes from our last transaction. When we landed in the new place seven months later, they did not fit the master bedroom windows. We've replaced the bed linens and put in new drapes to match those.

So here's my question. What do I do with the box of old drapes that don't fit?
You put them in the center cabinet, second shelf, in the third car garage under the window... No, wait. That's where I put the curtains that I took from my last house in 2000 that don't fit my new windows. :)
They are already in a box, ,in the garage, in the third car spot, with a bunch of other boxes. Not on a shelf, just a pile of boxes to eliminate. Or maybe I should save them. We rehung a drape from two houses ago as it fit nicely in the guest bath, and we had towels to match.

Can you believe how much time we waste arguing about light fixtures, curtains and little stuff? I cannot understand how people get so fixated on some of these things.
Kris great article and I am sure sellers and buyers alike will find it helpful
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