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John Mackey (CEO of Whole Foods) wrote in this brilliant book:

"Back in late 2004, I had the opportunity to meet and take to dinner one of my personal heroes, the great Nobel Prize–winning economist Milton Friedman. My wife and I went to pick up Milton and his wife, Rose, at their home in San Francisco. Milton invited us in for a drink before dinner, and he showed us his home and his Nobel Prize.

"While we were chatting in his living room, Milton asked me why I had become a vegan. I told him that I was an ethical vegan and that I wanted to lessen unnecessary animal suffering. I made a challenge to him as well. I told him that I would put forth a brief argument to him and that if he could adequately answer the argument, I would personally stop being a vegan. However, if he couldn’t adequately answer the argument, then I expected him to change his own personal diet and become a vegan too. Milton accepted the challenge. There were four parts to the argument:

"1. If you eat animals it is absolutely necessary that the animals die. Also, in the United States, more than 99% of the animals that you eat were raised in industrialized factory farms and had lives full of misery and suffering.

"2. You don’t need to eat animals to have excellent health. Indeed, the science shows that a 100% whole foods, plant-based diet can be one of the healthiest diets you could possibly eat in terms of both health and longevity.

"3. The reason we eat animals is that it is how we were raised. It is the result of our family and our culture. Over time we learned to enjoy the taste of animals and it became an accepted part of our personal lifestyle and identity.

"4. Can you ethically justify causing the necessary death of animals and the cruelty and inevitable suffering that accompanies it in the industrialized factory farm system just for the pleasure that eating those animals gives to your palate? I cannot justify this ethically myself, so I have chosen to be a vegan. How do you personally justify it?

"After I made this argument to Milton he became very quiet for a few minutes as he thought about it. Then he looked at his watch and said that we needed to leave immediately if we weren’t going to be late for our dinner reservation at the famous vegetarian restaurant Greens in San Francisco. On the drive over, Milton remained quiet and just occasionally gave me some navigation instructions. Once we arrived we were immediately seated and given our menus. By that time I had decided that Milton wasn’t going to try to answer my argument, and I set about studying the menu and figuring out what I wanted to eat. My wife, Deborah, and Milton and Rose did the same thing.

"After about a minute of studying his menu Milton then did something that completely astounded and delighted me! He threw his menu down on the table and said, “Rose, I cannot adequately answer John’s argument to my own satisfaction. I don’t want to cause unnecessary suffering and death to animals just for my own pleasure. From this point forward I’m going to become a vegan!”

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The Executive Summary begins,

"We are on the cusp of one of the fastest, deepest, most consequential disruptions of transportation in history. By 2030, within 10 years of regulatory approval of autonomous vehicles (AVs), 95% of U.S. passenger miles traveled will be served by on-demand autonomous electric vehicles owned by fleets, not individuals, in a new business model we call “transportas-a-service” (TaaS). The TaaS disruption will have enormous implications across the transportation and oil industries, decimating entire portions of their value chains, causing oil demand and prices to plummet, and destroying trillions of dollars in investor value — but also creating trillions of dollars in new business opportunities, consumer surplus and GDP growth.

The disruption will be driven by economics. Using TaaS, the average American family will save more than $5,600 per year in transportation costs, equivalent to a wage raise of 10%. This will keep an additional $1 trillion per year in Americans’ pockets by 2030, potentially generating the largest infusion of consumer spending in history."

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This is why the fossil fuel puppets Trump and the Republicans are fighting so hard to monetize soon-to-be-stranded-forever assets. I can hardly wait for Tony's predictions to come true!

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"With the news of Comey’s sacking, the need is clear and more absolute than ever: We must have a special prosecutor to turn the stones over — or an independent and bipartisan commission with subpoena power and public hearings, like the 9/11 commission. Or both.

Trump’s presidency is deeply corrupted, our democracy is compromised, and the system of checks and balances is failing us.

He’s attempting a coup. No joke. We need the truth. Now."

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People in 2050 will probably be able to play deeper games and to construct more complex virtual worlds than in any previous time in history. But what about truth? What about reality? Do we really want to live in a world in which billions of people are immersed in fantasies, pursuing make-believe goals and obeying imaginary laws? Well, like it or not, that’s the world we have been living in for thousands of years already.

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A long read but worth it. Describes how just 1% of Facebook-using sheeple needed to be manipulated by right-wing billionaires using military-style data-driven PsyOps to elect their puppets Trump and May.

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A YUUUUUUGE return of personal bankruptcies will be an intended consequence of idiot Republicans' Obamacare repeal.
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