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ADTO Group takes part in the Fourth Session of Hunan E-Commerce Meeting where president of Mr You Yanming delivered a speech: the cross broader e-commerce of industrial products.
The fourth session of Hunan E-Commerce Meeting was held in Changsha during 13th and 14th of June.

And ADTO scaffolding Group took part in the meeting as the representative of Hunan Billions of Network Operators.

During the meeting, Mr You Yanming, the president of ADTO Group made a speech of the cross broader e-commerce of industrial products, which mainly introduced and shared group’s ingredients in the business success and how a traditional enterprise makes successfully strategic transformations under the situation of an internet linked business world.

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Reasons why you should play ArcheAge

This is an open world now. I mean, the real world. People, especially the young, would like to get rid of restriction to have their own way of doing things. So is the trend in the virtual world. That’s why sandbox games are more and more popular. And ArcheAge is, a true sandbox. The game is about to launch. You may still hesitating if you should try it. Here are some reasons why you should do so.

1. The background of an epic fantasy world 
The worldview and storyline of ArcheAge is designed by the Korean best-seller author Jeon Min-hee, who is also the author of Tales Weaver and The Stone of Day. All the settings are close to players so that the game could be easily accepted by them.
2. High freedom
As a sandbox, players are allowed to choose any three skill sets from ten to be his class talent. There are as many as 120 classes. Gameplays include climbing, swimming, building. What’s more, all the weapons, gear and quests have no level limitation. A quest can be find anywhere, so the surprises pop up now and then.
3. Players change the world
Players can change the environment by building houses and planting, cutting down trees. So the game world can turn to desert. When sieging, one faction can plant trees to climbing up to the walls, etc.
4. Naval battle system
Naval battle is the ultimate content of ArcheAge. Players can build ship themselves and invite friends to sail and begin a war. Later, players can even be pirates to head off other fleets and ask for a fee.
5. Housing
the game world is very large mainly because it is for building houses. Your house can be built anywhere you want, in a valley or on the grassland. The decoration is totally up to you. And you can even form a village or a keep by gathering houses.
6. Planting and picking
You can be a rich farmer by planting various trees and flowers and collecting the fruits for sale to make archeage gold. Others may steal them from you if you don’t pick them in time.

Now we know how free we can be in ArcheAge. Of course the fun it will bring is endless. If you are going to have fun, then what are you waiting for?

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More than wildstar gold: how much do you know about the housing system
A game is not just a game to kill time—you have to enjoy it. In Wildstar, one way to enjoy the game is the housing system. Of course it can help gain wildstar gold, but it’s far from that. Not unless you have mastered as much features it has got as possible, can you have the greatest benefit. So how much do you know about it? Check here.

It’s level 14 that you will have a quest chain completed to be rewarded with a housing plot. Different races have different housing models and the sizes available now are small and medium.

Houses can be decorated both inside and out. Decorations and furniture are available via crafting, vendors, quest rewards and loot drops.

Houses can be shared by adding someone as a neighbor. You can set permissions and decide if you want anybody visit or decorate your house. (Neighbors can visit and roommates can decorate. Roommates are upgraded from neighbors.) A random player can visit your house if it is set public. If you don’t like it, mark your plot as private. 

Plugs can be created through FABkits (FABkits can be bought, rewarded, crafted or looted) and these are definitely a kind of decoration. And they can be used for challenges, dungeons, buffs, crafting and resource gathering.

Decorating your house with specified items will increase rested XP when logging off your house. Décor items with the buffs of Ambience, Aroma, Comfort, Pride and Lighting will award the bonus XP. Each buff has three sizes: small, medium and large. Of course the larger the buff is, the more rested XP you can get. Oh, your neighbors can get it too.

Completing housing-related objectives will reward you with meta achievements. Interior and exterior lighting customization allow home owners to customize the ambient lighting of a house, on a room by room basis and placing of decorative items and furniture is not bound to specific locations, so anything is possible.

How do you feel now? Have you make most use of the housing system to enjoy the greatest fun? If so, congratulations. If not, now is the time you add some neighbors and decorate your house.

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