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First time we see Chip's "revolutionary" offense tomorrow. It'll be interesting to see what happens. I'm going to the game tomorrow and really want to see what this whole thing is really all about.
Some other things....
1.I think nick or Barkley will win the qb job Vick is in my opinion too old and injury prone for this fast paced stuff.
2. I think cooper will have a GREAT year this year. With the absence off maclin I think he can really shine.
3. The defense will finally be a beast again this year. I was a little skeptical at first especially T. Cole playing as a linebacker but I think they can really mesh as a unit.


Alright as excited as I was for the s4 launch Samsung really let me down just a couple of extra features in the same package. I guess my main question is has Samsung become android's apple? Are Samsung followers now Samsheep? I'm really getting scared. We don't need two apples in this world

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My simple, yet useful, DROID RAZR M homescreen

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How true!
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