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Father, academic, and lover of old school tabletop roleplaying games. I have a blog:
Father, academic, and lover of old school tabletop roleplaying games. I have a blog:
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Folks around here might enjoy this new Jorune blog by +Joseph K Adams or I think he's going by +Joe Adams here

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My son (8) just informed me that Asmodeus was his favorite monster from the Monster Manual. He also told me with a smile that chaotic evil is "being a criminal", while being lawful is "being a criminal mastermind". What have I done?

Does anyone have the Ars Magica 1E rule book? I would pay cash or trade

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Just received an expertly packed, bubble wrap and all, super promptly sent package from +Reid San Filippo. Highly recommended seller (as I think everyone knows by now)!

Still more praise for the praiseworthy +Michael Curtis . He's shipped me two sets of things now, both were prompt and well-packed. He is aces to deal with.

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Crawljammer 1-6 - $100 shipped media mail to USA
Note slight bend to corner of #5 and slight stress on the cover of #2. Otherwise minty. (Shown in pictures.)
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Here's stuff, some pearls, some baubles. For the moment I'm only interested in trade.


Underworld and Wilderness Adventures (very good)
Swords and Spells (torn lower right corner, otherwise nice)
Greyhawk Supplement I 12th printing (some staple rust, otherwise fine)
Blackmoor Supplement II 9th printing (some staple rust, otherwise fine)
The Dungeoneer Adventuresome Compendium (compilation of issues 1-6) (in shrink
-Paranoia 1E box set (all the corners are blown, contents in very good condition)-
Companion Jorune: Burdoth (some foxing to corners, etc.)
City State of the World Emperor Guidebook to Map 6 (no map)
WFRP 1E core book (wrecked by much loving play by teenage Ben)
Ken St. Andre solos: The Wizard’s Test, A Sworded Adventure, Seven Challenges of Kartejan, Deep Delving, Dwarf World, Tavern by the Sea
How to Host a Dungeon
-The Random Esoteric Creature Generator (1st edition, if there’s more than 1 edition)-
Death Frost Doom (1st edition)
-The Complete Vivimancer (my 2nd copy)-
-Evil Wizards in a Cave-
Pars Fortuna (soft cover)
DCC RPG Core Book with
Peril on the Purple Planet (unopened)
Crawljammer 1-6
The following Advanced Adventures modules:
The Red Mausoleum
The Curse of the Witch Head
The Witch Mounds
Redtooth Ridge
D&D 5E Starter Set (mint sans dice)
D&D 5E Monster Manual
D&D 5E Dungeon Master’s Guide
Pathfinder Ultimate Combat
Pathfinder Ultimate Magic
D&D 3.0 PHB
D&D 3.0 DMG
Steal Away Jordan
OGRE Designer Edition (1 unopened box. Will not ship, must pick up in Chicago.)


Moldvay or Mentzer Basic Set
Other B/X sets (Expert, etc.)
Gamma World Box set 2E or 3E
Planescape Campaign box set
Stormbringer RPG box set or UK hardback
Hawkmoon RPG bpox
Traveller the original black books (I have none)
The new Runequest Hardback
Pavis and Big Rubble (box or moon design)
-Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader hardback-
Greyhawk Folio
T1 Village of Hommlet Monochrome
Temple of Tharizdun
UK series of Modules, especially UK4
Midkemia’s Heart of the Sunken Lands
Midkemia’s Tulan of the Isles
The Emerald Tablet rpg
Dungeon Planner 1: Caverns of the Dead
Cyberpunk 2020
Talislanta Naturalist’s Guide
Twilight 2000 box set
Empire of the Petal Throne box--I have the contents (I know, dream on)
Labyrinth Lord Rulebook hardcover
Labyrinth Lord Advanced Edition Companion hardcover
Offers of other weird old RPG stuff will be entertained

I just received the 1E Paranoia boxset from +Jay Hassan. It was exactly as described, shipped with amazing alacrity, and expertly packed. Jay also reached out to let me know when it had shipped and provide a tracking number. He's aces to deal with.

I received an extraordinarily well-packed item from +Gus Badnell today. Thanks!
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