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Studio Pottery Vase - Mystery
I need a little bit of help attributing this vase to the correct potter. Initally it looks quite crude - almost school art room project. That is until you have a look at the marking on the underside. It is thrown, then flattened to an ovoid  shape and with ...

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Italian Art Pottery - Deruta
Who made this ?? It's an Italian art pottery model of a green donkey pulling a brightly coloured cart. Nothing usunual about that, I hear you say - other than it's size. Normally seen as small models about 10cm long and bought whilst on holiday in Italy - m...

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Industria Ceramica Salernitana ICS - Italian Art Pottery
Here is a recently bought Italian studio or art pottery lamp base decorated with an African safari theme of motifs, including; elephant, zebra, giraffe, native shields and stick like plants. I say "recently bought" - but not recently discovered !! as this l...

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Jean Hardy - Watercolours
Well... here I am back again returning to an old subject !! The boudoir art of the French artist "Jean Hardy" - To see the original post CLICK HERE I have been contacted by a collector who has found a watercolour painting by Jean Hardy together with an unsi...

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Maud Tindal Atkinson - Sleeping Beauty etc
We have been lucky recently.... just look at these two pictures.   Both are super fine original watercolour paintings; the first of a young Prince ? in bed with a frog at the foot of his bed and the other has a young knight encountering a sleeping princess ...

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Philip Youngman Carter - Artist Writer
Hello ... I am pleased to be blogging again as I have been re-invigorated by some recent purchases !! The first of which are these delightful little original prints discovered in a local "thrift" store (to use an Americanism). They were mounted and framed t...

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The Last Post
Just a short note to everyone who has followed or read this blog over the years that I have posted. I regret that I have not been able to be motivated to find or research new material. I feel that I have already covered many of the subjects that I have any ...

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Pottery Mystery -- HELP
Here is a another recent purchase that I need help identifying. ... more modern stuff ??     As you can see from the mark, this was made in Italy and also seems to have a makers ? mark of I/R. Other than that, there is nothing more I know about this vase, w...

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Valcera - Art Pottery From Switzerland
I found this pottery handled vase or ewer the other day -- a complete mystery to me. Slightly out of my period, as it looks post war "moderne", but some how attractive being decorated with a matt cream coloured glaze with hand painting in greens. The naïve ...

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The Odeon Survives - But Only Just
Here is a follow up to a post I did a few years ago about the architectural highlights of a the Surrey town, Redhill - "Art Deco - Redhill Odeon ". About one of the few interesting building in the town centre, which at that time was an unused derelict. Howe...
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