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Landing Page Maker
Landing Page Maker
Landing Page Maker


Landing Page Maker Benefits
• Create unlimited landing pages easily and quickly (under 15 minutes) -- and for a few dollars each
• Dynamically pull product data from your database; no special coding required
• Create high "Quality Score" optimized landing pages to improve the performance (and save money) on pay-per-click marketing and natural search
• Perform split-tests automatically, using more than one layout for the same keyword, to refine search engine marketing campaigns
• Add video, images and text at the push of a button
• Design your own template and seamlessly integrate your landing pages into any existing website

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Build, publish and test landing pages without I.T. with our landing page maker software

A well-designed landing page can greatly increase conversions for your PPC.

What Exactly Is Landing Page Maker?
Landing Page Maker, CBS's patented landing page generator program, is customizable super-software that can help you instantly create highly productive landing pages. Even better, these pages are attractive to search engines and perfect for any of your pay-per-click marketing programs.

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