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August Top Five
It feels weird writing one of these.  It wasn't that long ago really when my July Top Five was published but I'm 100% blaming the flu for that hahah But I love writing these posts.  They're like my monthly favourites post expect I'm not calling them that!  ...

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A Goodbye To Winter
Dear Winter. Spring is coming.  Days are going to start getting longer.  Temperature will rise.  Sun will shine more (hopefully, fingers crossed).  Flowers will bloom.  Cute as a button lambs will frollick around fields.  And I'll be sitting here wishing it...

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The Winter Tag
I am one of those people who prefer the colder months to the warmer months.  Yes summer is great but I struggle to cool myself down and when I can't it's not a fun time!  Winter however!  Throw all your winter cosy clothes and food and drink at me and I'll ...

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In Sickness And Health
If there is one thing that without a fail gets in the way of everything, it's being sick. I hate getting sick.  Absolutely hate it.  And I hate it even more when it interrupts my life and makes me miss out on things.  So my little blog, studying design, mus...

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The Start Of Something New - July Instagram Diary & Monthly Roundup
Ah the start of something new. It's such a fantastic feeling.  A mixture of nerves and excitement and thinking whether you've done the right thing or not!  New adventure, same old me.  I'm keen!! Life July has been both a quiet month but also a big one for ...

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July Top Five
I have been so excited to share these top five favourites with you all! July has been such an interesting month and would you look at that I wrote that exact sentence last month hahaha ah that's awkward...  The Good Karma Hospital.   I'm not one to watch al...

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Some Highly Possible Reasons Why There Wasn't A Post Last Friday
Once again, you would have seen that emmadaisy was a little quiet on a day where I'd usually have a post up. So clearly what you want to read is a list of highly possible reasons why there wasn't a post last Friday.  I also thought I'd use this post as an o...

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My 5 Favourite Podcasts
The Podcast app is one I only started using after my brother mentioned it to me and also when Tyler Oakley started his own Podcast.  I never thought I’d be massively into podcasts and I’ve only really touched the surface on the podcasts are out there but it...

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5 Blogs I Am Loving
One of the best things about the blogging world that there are so many blogs out there so you’re never going to run out of content to have a read of.  Contrary to what others may think, there is more than enough room for anyone who wants to start a blog and...

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10 Thoughts I Have While Driving
I am a newbie to driving.  I saw newbie, but I've been driving for years.  And also avoiding driving for years because confidence and driving a car sometimes just don't match and I would think up any excuse under the sun to get out of having to drive. Howev...
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