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Brent Raymond
Adult blanket forts ftw
Adult blanket forts ftw

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Silly beans are silly.

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IPad users convert online sales this black Friday at a rate of 4.2 according to new big blue report.

DuckDuckGo - faster, cleaner results and of course - GOODIES!

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If you are attending the 2012 BIO International Convention in Boston next week, please join us for our Pimm’s Party! Enjoy Pimm's No. 1 Cup with Lemonade or Ginger Ale and Cucumber or Smoked Salmon Tea Sandwiches. There is also a raffle for a Kindle 3G! Just stop by our Booth #2120 in Hall A to say hi and learn more!

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Forgive me in advance for saying this - SEO is the natural result of doing good work on and off page. All the elements that make up the whole, if done correctly will produce results, positive or negative they will show up in your analytics - if you take the time to read and understand them. If you choose to work with a SEO consultant before understanding those conditions. Then you are basically hiring someone who is using your own watch to tell you what time it is and paying them to do it.

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I use Pearltrees to organize stuff I find. Was not until recently I realized how powerful it is for gauging audience receptivity to articles and content. Within 10 pearls (topics) there are 52 hits (user picks) on what I have collected. Searching feature is also pretty strong and useful.

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If something makes you smile in dark times - share it.

I love being in beta and having no notices about changes rather you need a quick eye to determine if something is different. Like, I just noticed that the scroll bar highlights posts I have read on the page for quick reference to scroll back too.

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Because humility is best served above the rim as your sponsors watch your pocket get picked.

Have many of you noticed the new games tab in G+? Wondering what you think, is this a path towards social media entertainment nirvana like hangouts or a bell and whistle we could all do without?


One G+ user writes>
"receive the necessary supplies and get FREE MONEY in return!"
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