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Introduction to Programming (using Python)
Learn to program from someone whose been there.
Learn to program from someone whose been there.

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4th Edition ideas
I'm thinking of ideas to put into the next edition of my book. It's not going to be for a while, since the last edition just came out last June, but I like to plan for the future. So far, I want to add a chapter on unit testing, change the WebDev chapter fr...

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Python 3.6 is coming
Another link to FOSSBytes, this time about the new changes with Python 3.6

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Just a link
Linking to this article from FOSSBytes, for those curious about "Why Python?"

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Software Engineering vs. Computer Science
(Note: This was originally written for my company's blog, but it hasn't been posted yet, so I'll post it here). This article is designed to show how software engineering (SE) is different from computer science (CS), and what is needed to become a good progr...

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Comparing Python to C/C++
Found this post on The graphic attached to it pretty much sums up why I like Python so much.

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3rd Edition is finally available
After more than a year, the latest edition of Learning to Program Using Python is available. The 3rd edition was just released on Amazon, Smashwords, and CreateSpace (links below). If there is a format you would like that isn't provided via one of these met...

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New edition next month
I'm currently working on the publication data for the book, and I have a volunteer assisting with the editing. I expect to have the new edition out sometime next month. The book is approximately 300 pages, all of it actual material; I removed the GNU licens...

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On the Home Stretch
I've finished adding new material to the 3rd Edition so now it's time to start editing it. While I'm primarily going to be doing it myself, I've received some assistance from some this blogs followers, which I appreciate. If anyone else wants to help out, p...

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I'm in the final stages of the revision and I'm considering adding a glossary and/or index. While I think the index would be helpful, especially if the book is to be used as a reference item, I don't know whether a glossary will be as useful. In this day an...

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Close to Publishing Third Edition
I'm in the editing phase of the newest edition. I hope to release it within the next few months. If anyone wants to help out by editing, or even just proof-reading, the book, please let me know. Since I self-publish these books, all editing is done by volun...
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