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Does anyone know what's happened to the Docwiki? It seems to have been down for a few days now and comes back with a 503 Service Unavailable?

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Brilliant article on how to make Delphi apps run on iPhone X properly.

Works on Berlin 10.1 too. I still don't fully understand why all it takes is to add a splash screen to the info.plist, but hey - it works!

I’ve been having a look at the FMXRTL framework and it seems like magic! Has anyone had experience using this? Does it work as well as it sounds?

Has anyone heard news on when Berlin will receive a Subscription Update or hotfix to make it work properly with XCode 9 and the simulators?
I’m using the recommend terrible workaround for testing and deploying to a device but it’s not great given Berlin is still a supported IDE and Tokyo is still so broken I can’t upgrade yet.

Seriously Idera where are your priorities on keeping thing working? I really doubt as many people care about new features as the existing core ones working properly!!

Quick question...
When looking through the FMX sources in Delphi, I noticed the .ios and .android extensions to source files (e.g. FMX.Dialogs.ios.pas).

Is this just convention of does it affect how it's pulled in when compiled? E.g. when compiling for IOS it'll pull in .IOS.pas files, and android is .Android.pas files?

I've been tracking down why it doesn't seem to be replacing some of my updated data files when deployed to iOS - even though they're set to "overwrite = always" in the Deployment Manager (and they definitely have a newer modified date).

Looking into System.Startup, it has the following:

if not FileExists(Dst+SearchRec.Name) then
TFile.Copy(Src+SearchRec.Name, Dst+SearchRec.Name, False); // copy without overwriting.

I can't find anywhere it honours the overwrite property - and in fact never seems to overwrite if already exists.

This seems such a massive omission, that I wanted to check before logging with QC. Am I missing something obvious?

I'm on Berlin Update 1.


Why, when I use SecondsBetween or TTimeSpan.Subtract().TotalSeconds between 2 TDateTime values on Android do I get a massive number of over 3000 when it should be 2-3 seconds? On Windows it's correct.

Is this a know bug?

I've just downloaded Tokyo Update 1 to see how well the various Android keyboard fixes work and it seems like it's as bad as in Berlin.

Before I log it with QC, could someone else please confirm what I'm seeing and on which phone(s)?

I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S7 with Samsung keyboard but apparently it can happen with others such as the LG phones.

Simple Android app with Tokyo Update 1. Add a text box (ControlStyle can be Styled or Platform - doesn't seem to matter). The keyboard type doesn't seem to matter either.

In the box, try typing

Just as you type the first "g", it seems to autocompletes and re-add both to the text box to become: joe@gojoe@googlemail - which is really annoying!

It would be great to understand the extent of this so I can report it fully.


I'm getting a lot of requests for an Android widget for my Firemonkey app. I know I can't create the widget in Firemonkey but wonder if anyone knew a way to bundle a natively created widget with my app?

I've created a simple home screen widget in Java, but can't figure out the rest.
It was suggested to generate the widget app as a .jar file and bundle into the Delphi project but I can't figure out how to generate a jar file in the first place. I'm new to the Java side so maybe it's just not possible to generate a .jar like this from an Android Studio app project?

It may not physically be possible to do what I'm trying to, but thought it would be worth asking before I gave up!

Thanks in advance

I wonder if anyone could point me in the right direction...

I deploy a set of images with my mobile app and want to create a picker UI - just a vertical grid of images (the deployed files).

Which approach would you recommend?

I thought of using the TStringGrid or flow layout control and dynamically creating a TImage for each image I load from storage but there may be 30+ of them which I'm concerned will be terrible performance.
I know Firemonkey and lots of embedded child controls isn't great for performance, but not sure of an alternative?
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