Occult of Personality has done it again with an extraordinary interview with Rubaphilos Salfluere on Alchemy.

In the introduction Greg mentions “I highly recommend Rubaphilos’ books and have found him to be the clearest, most concise and effective teacher of Alchemy that I have ever encountered. My own rudimentary understanding has grown tremendously since I have become acquainted with his work”.

This interview is a second interview with Rubaphilos and based on his second book The Hermes Paradigm (I'll link to the previous interview in the comments). You can read through the description of what topics this interview covers in detail on the Occult of Personality website – no need for me to repeat them again here. But let me say, the way Rubaphilos explains these complex topics and breaks them down into easier to understand explanations using metaphors and examples is something magical in itself. I found myself hanging off almost every sentence in this fascinating interview.

Personally, as a new student of Alchemy I have found that this, and Rubaphilos’ previous interview with Occult of Personality, have allowed me to understand, more correctly, the disposition to bring to the study of Alchemy and I feel that the revelations contained in these interviews has enhanced my ability to properly grasp some of these complex concepts that the study of Alchemy entails.

If you’re involved in the study of Alchemy in any way I would describe these interviews as essential listening. There are revelations here for the novice and experienced alike.

Greg also alludes to an incredible extension of this interview in the members only section, and it surely is. The mind blowing nature of the information there aside, I would encourage anyone contemplating ingestion of alchemical substances to become an Occult of Personality member and absorb the private content that this extension interview contains.

 I must say an open thank you to +Greg Kaminsky  for bringing Rubaphilos Salfluere and this awesome elucidation of information to us, as it has, and will have, a very positive impact on the study and comprehension of Alchemy. 
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