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Daniele Casolin
#edtech #edchat #makerspace Google Certified Teacher, Google Certified Educator, iPads, Apple, makerspace, etc. Love the GAFE
#edtech #edchat #makerspace Google Certified Teacher, Google Certified Educator, iPads, Apple, makerspace, etc. Love the GAFE

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A free online course about computational thinking for all teachers by Google.

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This is a funny summary of the new features of the new #Apple MacBook.

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Google Classroom to work across trusted domains - this will be great news for our Diocese if it works. Can be a massive plus for teacher/student workflow. Stay tuned.

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Looks like classroom will work across trusted domains finally? Will be a bonus to all Diocesan schools that have been waiting for this....
We're adding some new sharing features to Google Drive and #GoogleClassroom, including the ability to list "Trusted Domains" that you can add to classes in Classroom. Admins can give teachers and students the ability to securely reset their own passwords, and lots of other new granular sharing controls: #GAFE 

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Strangely addictive - slightly scary results but good to get an idea of where those autocomplete searches come from.. Thx +Fred Delventhal

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This would confirm that Apple is trying to play catchup to Chromebooks and GAFE in the education space. This was SO needed about 2-3 years ago to help rule #edtech space but the absence of multiple logins on a single device and lack of multitasking and prohibitive cost would still leave it lingering behind #Google.

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Teachers on a journey.
Thanks to +Susanna Harris +Shannon Marecic and +Therese Horley
We will miss you but other students will now have the good fortune to have great teachers.

I have had the privilege of working with some exceptional teachers in my time in education.  There are 3 teachers moving on with their teaching careers this year and I wish them all well.

One is Susanna Harris -  a spirited Math teacher whom I find to be a genuine, funny, LOL and light-up-the room personality.  
She sometimes visited me for assistance with technology but always under-estimated her abilities with technology and under-estimated her influence on her students.   She is a fantastic teacher and one that will always be remembered fondly at Joeys and will go on to be loved by all at her new school.

Dr Shannon Marecic is an excellent chemistry/science teacher.   She has been undertaking a long term professional learning project with UOW. The teaching approach involves students generating, negotiating and evaluating multimodal representations of scientific concepts as resources for reasoning and learning that is consistent with an inquiry approach to learning in Science.
As part of my GCT application I spent some time in her classroom observing her teaching methods and her relationships with her students.  I was in awe of her ability to engage and captivate her students in the lessons I observed.  I started to wonder at my own failed experience with chemistry.  If only I had a teacher of Chemistry like Shannon. She will go on to be head of science at her new school and no doubt inspire some students to great things in science. 

Another teacher starting at a new school this week is Therese Horley. Therese Horley is no ordinary Math teacher.  I only got to know Therese Horley well about a year ago as she started to investigate the use of iPads in the classroom. I have never met a more passionate, determined, innovative teacher who wants to instil a love of Maths in her students. 
Her ability to learn and rate of retention is phenomenal.  Although it would seem she is a newbie at tech this is not the case.    She has had a web presence for many years.  In a short amount of time she has become one of the most proficient users of the iPad and technology that I have seen in a classroom, a Google Certified Educator and Google Certified Teacher and a presenter at a Spotlight on Technology Expo on Gamification in the Secondary Math classroom amongst many other achievements.  She has a web and blogs about her experiences in Math.  If you are a Maths teacher I would suggest following her work.

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Apple isn't as great as it thinks it is (or as it once was).
They are starting to drop many balls at once.  I am not sure what the iWatch will offer education - nothing I imagine.
This article foresees upcoming problems in higher ed.
As just another rider in the peleton of technology in education, the problems are starting to balloon for Apple. They need to focus more on improving their existing products and services.  Their latest updates have been poor.  Maybe they need less emphasis on iWatch and their new HQ and more on getting things right.  
The days of "it just works" are getting fewer.
Steve would be rocking in his grave...
The explosion of GAFE and Chromebooks in the education should be setting of alarm bells in the organisation and telling them they've missed something or messed something up.

Thx to +Laura Gibbs for sharing and +Joshua Kim for writing the piece
I have considered my school's investment in iTunesU a real mistake from the start (the lack of a web version is a killer). Now even Joshua Kim has doubts! 
quote _ Unless your school has a total one-to-one iPad program, a course platform that works only on iOS is suboptimal. If Apple was having more conversations with higher ed they might hear that they need to create a Courses app that works on Android, and that has a Web version. They might hear that there is a need for integration options between the LMS and the iTunes U Courses app, so that faculty and course developers can avoid building the same course twice in two platforms. If Apple found a way to be present in the education conversation we could better understand and gauge Apple’s commitment to higher education. Is the iTunes U Courses app a core part of Apple’s strategy, or is it a marginal product with little develop support? Nobody knows_.

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Respect for Ralph Baer - another great man in the world of technology - many video gamers should be in debt..
I love the fact that he did what he loved until his final days at age 92.
"All of my friends have died. What am I going to do? I need a challenge," he said. "I'm basically an artist. I'm no different than a painter who sits there and loves what he does."

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CAD software for free? Will have more appeal for high schools with computer labs with relatively recent hardware but great for the promotion of STEM and makerspaces.
For schools using CAD software in their makerspace or in their computer labs or want to encourage this that are inclined to engineering this should be appealing.
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