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After receiving three, you are meant to have some kind of formal meeting between the parties involved but this never happened. If there are five, an external mediator has to be bought in. This didn't ...
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I tried so very hard to be the David Thorne of the various and sundry companies I worked for, but i never was able to properly pull it off.
Slow clap..

Sir, I'd shake your hand now if I could...
What happened to the Chris article? That one was funny as hell!
Ian Hex
Beautiful. At the same time, I get the feeling that Simon is, one day, going to flip out and go into a murderous, psychopathic rage.
It was the 'too busy researching wasps' that finally broke me.
Duude! Grab me a T-shirt, I will send you some socks in exchange.
although if you still need your Chris fix....
I submitted an entry last week...however the deadline was February 19th 2010..anyways i have some sticks to go play with and I am anxiously waiting to find out if I won
Brilliant work on the Nickelback poster
You deserve a company medal for going above and beyond to clean the workplace and maintain a healthy working environment!

The only good thing about Coldplay is that they're not Nickelback.
My office blocks 27slashb6 as Personal Pages, Profanity

Well done. :)

Edit: Intrepidly, I read the article on my Android. Well played, sir, well played indeed.
Is it any coincidence that the form is F26-a? I think not. They are obviously mocking 27b/6. Or they've made these forms especially for Simon and he hasn't figured it out yet.
One of the greatest replies on e-mails: "You will mail me again", and reply is: " No I won't" :)
I need some new Thorne material! I demand it! I've read all the articles at least 20 times now. Still funny mind..
Best one still is changing the businesscards! One of the funniest things I read in a long time. Could be a bit more active on google+ though. I'm missing the cat pics that were promised. Keep it up!
I got a cramp from laughing when I read this guy's stories,he should continue to entertain us! :D
I love it, I miss working in an office where I can play jokes on people. I use to glue my one co workers smokes together in his pack so when he would try to pull one out they all came out.
I don't believe a word of it. I believe all of these are staged.

I doubt this "Simon Dempsey" even exists.
I agree Brian if this is real this company probably doesn't exist anymore. I would love to know what company of fools would open themselves up to an easy lawsuit by allowing this to go on for as long as the dates indicate.
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