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Negative reviews can be the death of a business. Check out this to deal with bad online reviews:  
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53 Must-Have Features for Local Business Websites [Infographic]

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Digital Camera:

Canon Ixus 170, 20 Mega Pixel, 12x Optical Zoom: TK. 11500.00
Canon Power Shot Sx410 Is, 20 Mega Pixel, 40x Optical Zoom: TK. 18000.00
Canon Power Shot Sx610 Hs, 20.2 Mega Pixel, 18x Optical Zoom, Wi-Fi: TK. 15000.00
Sony W800, 20.1 Mega Pixel, 5x Optical Zoom: TK. 7300.00
Sony W810, 20.1 Mega Pixel, 6x Optical Zoom: TK. 8000.00
sony W830, 20.1 Mega Pixel, 8x Optical Zoom: TK. 9700.00
Samsung Wb35f, 16.2 Mega Pixel, 12x Optical Zoom, Wi-Fi: TK. 8500.00
Samsung WB1100F, 16 Mega Pixel, 35x optical zoom, Wi-Fi: TK. 15500.00
Fuji Z90, 14.2 Mega Pixel, 5x Optical Zoom: TK. 8500.00
Nikon S3700, 20.00 Mega Pixel, 8x Optical Zoom, Wi- Fi: TK. 9000.00
DSLR Camera:
Nikon D3200, DSLR 24.2 Mega Pixel With 18-55mm Lens: TK. 30500.00
Nikon D3300, DSLR 24.2 Mega Pixel With 18-55mm Lens: TK. 33500.00
Nikon D5200, DSLR 24.1 With 18-55mm Lens, Wi-Fi: TK. 37000.00
Nikon D5300, DSLR 24.2 Mega Pixel With 18-55 mm Lens, Wi-Fi: TK. 43500.00
Canon 1200D, DSLR 18.7 Mega Pixel With 18-55 mm Lens: TK. 29700.00
Canon 700D, DSLR 18.0 Mega Pixel With 18-55 mm Lens: TK. 40500.00
Video Camera:
Sony CX240, 9.2 Mega Pixel, Full HD Video Handycam: TK. 17500.00
Hotline: 01678797302

বিস্তারিত জানতে ভিজিট করুনঃ
** স্টার টেক অ্যান্ড ইঞ্জিনিয়ারিং লিমিটেড, লেভেল # ৯, শপ # ৯৩৪, ৯৩৫, ৯৪৩, ৯৪৪ মাল্টীপ্লান সেন্টার, নিউ এলিফেন্ট রোড, ঢাকা।
হটলাইন : ০১৬৭৮৭৯৭৩৮১, ০১৬৭৮৭৯৭৩৫৪

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A good article to read if your website visitors are not converting to customers. Read and identify the problems, most these could be rectified within a few hours!

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That Google update you may have noticed yesterday was a core ranking change, something Google often does throughout the year. It was not Panda, Penguin, or HTTPS related.

woo! a lot more data and filtering options in the new webmaster search analytics report.
#google #webmastertools

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."
--Thomas A. Edison

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Here's something for y'all web wranglers: please tell search engines about your HTTPS URLs!

A recent, small scale analysis we ran showed that more than 80% of the HTTPS URLs that are eligible for indexing (i.e. no crawl issues, no noindex, all's good), can't become canonical because website owners don't tell us about them. They use the HTTP variant in their sitemap files, in the rel-canonical and rel-alternate-hreflang elements, even though the HTTPS variant works mighty fine. 

If your site supports HTTPS, please do tell us: use HTTPS URLs everywhere so search engines can see them!

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Wildcards Can Be Used in Google Suggest

UPDATE: Wrote a post about this -

I somehow never knew, until today at #LocalUp  that you could use the _ symbol to get wildcard results in Google Suggest. Hat tip to +Mary Bowling for the find!
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