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And here is our DNA Day Video - See how easy and fun it is to extract DNA from a banana using items you can find in your kitchen and grocery store. Biologist Melisa Wilson Sayres walks you through each step. 

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Do you know of any studies relating to this claim? Basically, the idea is that when pediatricians start practicing their specialty, they get sick often but after a while they have developed immunity to a large number of pathogens. Is it true? Provide an answer if you can.

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Does anyone know if office plants increase productivity. If you know the answer (and can provide documentation), please leave an answer at Skeptics.StackExchange.

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Does anyone know what olive trees look like from above? I didn't think so.

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Does anyone want to make an educational game? I have two ideas floating around:
1) Animal breeding (in the context of some Farmville-like game)
2) Hospital evacuation.

The second idea is inspired by the orientation class that I took when I worked at Allegheny General Hospital. They described the hospital evacuation plan to us, and told us about a case study in which a patient had died in a hospital fire. It's a pretty intense situation, and could make a good game with both a strategic phase (setting up a safety and evacuation system) and an action phase (the actual evacuation).

For more info:
London Hospital Fires:

Fire response strategy:

A major historical hospital fire:'s_Hospital_Fire

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I love when my petri dishes smell like dirty socks. Nah. I prefer that they smell like bread or beer.

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A free textbook on "Category Theory for Scientists", from a friend of mine who wrote it for a course he  taught at MIT.

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Anyone who wants to learn about genetics should check out this online course (starts May 1). I'm sure that Rosie will make it interesting, and she's committed to focusing on the type of information that is relevant to non-scientists.
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