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Joan Linares (thaguyjoan)
Easy going and kind of geeky
Easy going and kind of geeky

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Has anyone used the directstylus 2 with the new model of nvidia tablet?

The stylus is available again in my country, and I was wondering if it is worth getting. Does the custom stuff like palm rejection work on the new model?

Has anyone experienced problems with wi-fi on the new version of the nvidia tablet?

Bought mine about 3 or 4 weeks ago. First couple of weeks everything worked fine, but then when turning on the tablet an exclamation mark appeared on the wi-fi icon. It didn't bother me much, it would eventually disappear, but sometimes I was forced to turn off and turn back on the wi-fi.

Apps like youtube started failing, indicating that there was no internet. Some videos would load up with no problem and some would not..

Yesterday received the update to 6.0 hoping it would solve this issues, but now it's worst... the tablet wont connect to the internet sometimes at all. I would be using chrome normally and try open a link, and no connection at all, no warning about it, no signal indicating bad wifi, nothing, it just stops working. And this happens in any app.
Has anyone experienced something similar with the new model?

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Més giveaways de #OnePlus #7daysofGiveaways avui Nooka!
Giveaway Day 5: We are giving away 10 Nooka watches! Stylish and unique, they are a popular fashion accessory around the OnePlus headquarters.

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Hoy en día todos los navegadores almacenan nuestros marcadores en la nube. Un método simple de almacenar nuestras páginas favoritas, o aquellas a las que necesitamos recurrir a diario. Pero la comodidad de estos marcadores termina en el momento que no son…

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Mi propósito es hallar la respuesta a la pregunta ¿es posible vivir plenamente en la era post-PC? Este blog nace de un deseo personal de ver mas allá de la tecnología actual. La nube (Cloud Computing),es cada día más la norma en nuestras vidas, nos demos…

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Awesome Link's cosplay tutorial!

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I do like the new G+ layout.

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