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Trapping Lobbyist Misleads on Rabies “Facts”
Published: Press of Atlantic City  January 15, 2017 Trapping Lobbyist Misleads on Rabies “Facts”
(“New leghold traps help control raccoons carrying rabies,” Nov 23, by Edward
J. Markowski) By Susan Russell Edward Markowski of the New Jersey Outdoor

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It’s time to re-visit deference to bureaucracies
Few laws have been more vetted than New Jersey’s 1984
ban on any “type” of steel-jaw leghold trap.  In 1985 the Fish and Game Council
and the fur industry tried to undercut the new statute by regulating a modified padded trap. The Attorney
General and the S...

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Logging Sparta Mountain: It’s not about warblers
April 7, 2017 Logging Sparta Mountain isn’t
about the golden warbler, for which there is already habitat nearby. It is part
of a cynical effort to promote commercial logging of state forests for an
industry/conservation coalition. The cutting will primarily...

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Submitted Comments - Draft Management Plan for Mute Swans
February 20, 2014   NYSDEC Bureau of Wildlife Swan Management Plan 625 Broadway Albany, NY 12233   The League of Humane Voters of New Jersey and the Animal Protection League of New Jersey oppose the Draft Management Plan for Mute Swans.   The alleged case a...
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