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Carpe Diem ... and Ride the Wave!
Carpe Diem ... and Ride the Wave!

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SPX - In trouble
After the sell - off on Monday , it increases the likelihood of a bearish breakdown of flat pattern ;   in such case , the alternative scenario (red dotted line) would prevail. ElwaveSurfer

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Elliott Wave Analysis of financial markets
STOCK MARKET INDEXES DJIA Preferred Scenario: SHORT TERM Trend : Bullish (DJIA 18.400)  INTERMEDIATE Trend : Bearish (DJIA 15.300) LONG TERM Trend : Bullish SPX Preferred scenario SHORT TERM Trend : Bullish (2.150 - 2.200)  INTERMEDIATE Trend : Bearish (1.8...

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Elliott Wave analysis of stock market indexes , GOLD and OIL
After several months in which I have been very busy   ( I changed jobs as CFO in a capital City and I cared serious health problems )   I return to post on this blog   ( in the Italian one, ,    I started three months...

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Elliott Wave analysis of stock market indexes and GOLD
SPX Close to a correction in b minute of z minor; the great upward correction has not yet ended.   NDX In the top of wave 1 of 5 minor; it will be a parabolic pattern or an ending diagonal?  DJIA   My optimal target has already been exceeded. I am stunned.....

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SPX and NDX in correction phase
NDX has confirmed the preferred scenario, wave [a] of 2 of 5 while SPX appears in his alternate, wave a of [4] of c . Given that the two scenarios are in divergence , one of the two is incorrect. Long FB, UA, TSLA (ALXN in stop loss, - 3%) ElwaveSurfer

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SPX - Correction in uptrend
Preferred scenario: wave (ii) of 5 of [3] ; first alternate: Alt:(i)/(a) of Alt:a/w of Alt:[4] ElwaveSurfer

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SPX - Slightly bullish
At the end the preferred scenario (bullish) seems confirmed; the up-wave in progress appears the (i) of 5 of [3] . However, there is a risk that wave 5   is an ending diagonal ... S TOCK PORTFOLIO : FB and ALXN (bought Tuesday @ 166)    rise well . ElwaveSu...

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SPX - Still in sideways
Preferred count: it's hard to say if the market is still in triangular wave 4 or if  wave 4 in flat form is already ended. The next alternate count is bearish (the top is wave 5 of [3] so we are in corrective wave [4] ) With ACT, ALXN, AMBA, FB, UA that I'v...

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US stock indexes: short and medium term perspective
In the last post I described  the preferred long-term scenario of DJIA ; below, the medium and short term scenarios for main US stock indexes ; NDX and SPX appear still in bullish mode after a temporary correction. DJIA Already in topping; possible ending d...

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DJIA: close to the CYCLE TOP
With reference to the Long term count that this blog has always considered like the preferred scenario , we are close to the TOP (even if SPX and NDX still appear to have a small space to rise). In the Monday's post the short term count of US indexes. Have ...
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