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Advice about Channeling

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Hello Lady
Skye Fyre, I found your
blog post last night after another frustrating meditation and it was so
reassuring to hear someone else has experienced what I’m going through. This frustration
with my guides has been going on for almost six months and I ...

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How do you hear Spirit?

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How do you Hear?
TM wrote:   I'm not a skeptic but how can a medium talk
and listen at the same time. So L.I.Medium will be talking nonstop and say
"they just told me" but how can she hear anything while she's been
talking? I am so curious about this I'm trying to get an id...

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Light Me Up
Dear Pauline, 'Light me up!' sprang to mind. I fell into your site, Pauline, but don't know if you are
still working with it. At 67 I had lost my enthusiasm for channeling after a
lifetime of misses and only one close hit. I also lost my belief in groups

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A question from a reader.

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Can you please give me some basic information about my
guides? How many? Their names? Best way to communicate with
them? Thank you, SA Dear SA, It is more important for you to discover who and how many guides
you have by yourself than for me to give you an ...

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A Lesson
I found out a friend of mine passed away several weeks
ago.   I wasn’t shocked because we had
been expecting this news for some time.   He had been in ill health for a long time.     It was the next morning after I awakened that
I began to go through the gr...
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