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Ryan Weiss

Jotting some notes for ref and friends. (Thanks +Daniel Orkin for pointing me to some handy vim addon bits). (The shellcheck bits I've been a consumer of, and it took about 2 minutes to really dig airline and install it everywhere)

#vim, pathogen, airline, #tmuxline, #syntastic, #shellcheck
vim: editor
pathogen: handy to have vim addon bundles each in their own easy to track directory structure (then used to put the rest in)
airline: status/tab-line vimscript tool that looks/works nicer than you're used to...
tmuxline: launched vim in a tmux session? it gets airline themed. (can also put themes in your tmux config)
syntastic: Syntax checker plug in coordinator, flexible/configurable behavior
shellcheck: syntax checker for shell scripts.

links:  airline addin fonts for special chrs. (I go with droid): + for when local isn't handy:
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