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#brandchat questions for tomorrow's chat, THEME: BRANDS + MOBILE APPS posted:
Q1: 50% of customers who regularly use a branded app are more interested in buying from that company. Discuss. Q2: 34% of marketers plan on launching at least 1 mobile app this yr. What questions to ask b4 creating an app? Q3: Here are 14 brands doing mobile apps well - .
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When it comes to service, everyone's a critic.
*85% report knowing that a business has positive reviews makes
them more likely to purchase their products or services. (via Forrester)
How do online reviews & testimonials influence your customers & connections?
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Kenyan Proverb: Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable.
‪#‎TeamKLI‬: "Strings well-strung working together make a beautiful melody." (and can rock your social + referral marketing world!!)
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Just published on @AllBusiness_com front page ! Takeaway: Keep both positive + negative reviews on your site. Why? >
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It's the heart of Vacation Season -- here are some tips for showing appreciation around vacation time.
If their appreciation language is: Words of Affirmation
-Before they leave: Tell them you hope they have a nice, relaxing time, and that they deserve it!
-After they get back: Tell them you missed having them around and that you are glad they are back. Then ask them to tell you something they really enjoyed during their vacation. (via Appreciation at Work )
Tomorrow - If their appreciation language is Quality Time!
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This was a fun post to do and an even more fun interview - thanks Ryan!
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Have them in circles
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3 Simple Steps to Finding the Right Words to Use in Your Marketing:
Have you ever listened to the words customers use to describe your business? Are the words they choose similar to the ones you use on a regular basis? Are
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We just wrote and posted this, this week! How do you foster ‪#‎feedback‬? Remember, feedback is about small, specific moments. The simpler it is for them to fill out, the more likely they will. ‪#‎OnlineReviews‬
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83% of consumers are willing to refer after a positive experience... yet, only 29% actually do.
How do you get more referrals? Get to know your customers and get to know who they know.
1. Connect with them on LinkedIn and other social sites.
2. Research what groups they're involved with online + offline.
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Brandchat Notes: BRANDS + WEARABLES - Thank you to BRANDidos @kiporama @magriebler and @JenMitch for today's questions. Q1: Can you (or sh
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Google+ has started removing unverified local Google+ pages.
Why does that matter to you and getting more referrals & recommendations?
Because people need to find you. And, they Google you to find you. Are you found easily or is your competitor?
If you have not verified your Local Google+ page, you can do so here:
Make it easy for customers to get in touch. Give customers the right info at the right time, whether that be driving directions to your business in Maps, hours of operations in Search or a phone number they can click to call you on mobile phones.
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Inspiring Creation - One of the greatest things birthed from the internet has been the ease of finding others with simila
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Connecting Your Online + Offline Relationships Helping Small Business Get More Business and Making Work Relationships Work.
Connecting Your Online + Offline Relationships Helping Small Business Get More Business and Making Work Relationships Work.

At Know, Like + Ignite We Create Conversation, Community, Connection and Commerce Around Your Brand!

Maria Elena Duron is a marketing strategist and coach.   Duron is a premier partner presenter with Appreciation at Work and an Authorized Local Expert with Constant Contact and national ambassador and brand marketing expert for Alignable, Nurph and Brand Yourself.  Maria Elena has over 18 years experience supporting small business with a background in marketing, advertising, non-profit marketing as well as first-hand knowledge of owning her own business.  She has earned the Texas Governor’s Excellence in Small Business Award, Texas Person of Vision Award, Best of Texas Team Building and Training Award and Business Women of the Year.

Maria Elena draws from her experience to be a valuable resource to small businesses, companies, non-profits and associations and to move, touch and inspire others to action.  She has presented for organizations including the Search Marketing Expo – Social Media Marketing International Conference, Massachusetts Conference for Women, Texas Conference for Women, InnoTech International Conference, National Society for Hispanic MBAs, Association of Energy Service Companies National Conference, SBA, SBDC, CBS-TV and many chambers of commerce and associations.

Duron created and moderates one of the top six twitter chats in the world for business, Brandchat.  Maria Elena is also Editor-in-Chief of a blog that Forbes lists as the number one career blog, the Personal Branding Blog.     She is a columnist for US News & World Report, Yahoo Small Business Advisor, AllBusiness, Small Business Trends and a few dozen other publications and is also a special guest columnist with Fox Business. 

Prior to owning her own business Maria Elena worked in the training and development field providing time management, market research, sales and goal setting seminars and in the non-profit field in leadership, workforce and donor development

  • Editor-in-Chief, Personal Branding Blog
  • Founder/Moderator, #brandchat
  • Authorized Local Expert, Constant Contact
  • Partner, Appreciation at Work
  • Author,
  • Accredited Presenter and Solution Provider, Constant Contact Certified Facilitator, GetClientsNOW!
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