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Our Latest blog post on the Conference & Banquet add-on by Protel.

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Congratulations to Liam, our Graduate Software Developer on winning the Citigroup Mobile Technologies Prize. Citi Group sponsors this award to students with the best mobile technologies project or the best mark in the Applied Mobile Technologies final year module

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A few pics from our second video project with Digital Jackanory. Big thanks to everyone involved, can't wait to see how the final video turns out.
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Our latest blog post on Protel's Online Booking Engine for Hotels.

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The first group of employees from RST EPoS undertaking Customer Service training from Michelle Simpson of North West Regional College

Big Thanks to Michelle for making the course both informative and enjoyable

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New blog post including video showing our Handheld EPoS System in action at Buttermilk Art Cafe in Portnablagh. 

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Just putting the finishing touches on our revamped website. Check it out if you get a chance  

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Very pleased with how our first YouTube video has turned out!

A short video showcasing our EPoS System in use with Handheld tablets by staff at Buttermilk Art Cafe.

Big thanks again to Alan and all the staff at Buttermilk Art Cafe and Kevin from Digital Jackanory

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A short video showing how RST EPoS have provided Buttermilk Art Cafe in Portnablagh with an EPoS system and how the staff are now benefiting from using handheld tablets for taking orders.

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Word of Mouth Still King in the Hospitality Sector

A recent survey carried out by HospitalityGEM found that 80 per cent of people feel that word of mouth represents the main influence on where they would choose to eat which is four times more than social media.

The survey also claims that consumers are twice as likely to eat at a restaurant or bar if the establishment has been recommended to them by friends or family.

The survey’s results whilst not startling begs the question, do we as consumers or business owners trust the results enough to stop obsessing over popular review websites such as TripAdvsior?

Why spend hours constantly scrolling and reading through reviews of restaurants when your time would be better off spent contacting friends and family for a personal review via word of mouth, one which according to the survey will have a far greater influence on your decision making.

In the pre-internet days consumers didn’t have the option of connecting to the Internet to read up on reviews of restaurants, search for discount codes or print off driving directions to the required destination.

The pre-internet days relied very heavily on word of mouth as a way of gathering information on which establishment to eat at or how to get there and judging by the results of the survey carried out by HospitalityGEM, word-of-mouth has stood the test of time.

The results from the survey should be used to reinforce what I’m sure successful restaurant owners already know – customer service is key and word-of-mouth is still a hugely important factor when carving out a successful restaurant with a reputation to match.

For consumers who need that extra bit of reassurance before visiting a restaurant for the first time the results of the survey are quite clear.  Rather than logging on to check reviews or read comments the first port of call should be to connect with family or friends for a personal recommendation as this will have the greater influence on the decision making process.

Word-of-mouth has stood the test of time within the hospitality sector and according to the results of the survey carried out by HospitalityGEM it’s still the most important review that we as consumers crave.

For more info please check out Word-of-mouth still drives hospitality industry by Liam Garrahan on the Big Hospitality website

For more info on surveys regarding the hospitality sector please visit

To find out more regarding EPoS Systems and how RST EPoS can help your business please visit our website at

RST EPoS have been at the forefront of EPoS Systems since 1977 for the Retail and Hospitality sector.
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