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Sarah S
Office Monkey, Fatshionista, Blogger, Crafter, Part time hobo!
Office Monkey, Fatshionista, Blogger, Crafter, Part time hobo!

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New Vlog!
Hey Babies! Not only am I not dead, I'm vlogging! I'm excited to set up the new year with videos and outfit posts and all that jazz. My schedule is intense this semester so the only way to deal with that is to micromanage. If I'm micromanaging I might as we...

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Weekly Round Up November 2nd
Hey babies! What a week it's been! I saw a psychic (ha!) and screened a video and there was halloween! This weekend has been studying and writing and a little surprise you'll see later! I wanted to share some of my fav stuff with you this week. Let's go! Th...

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Things I Make Thursday
Hey babies! You may have noticed the style around here has changed. It's a work in progress, unfortunately I accidentally DELETED my old layout like a jerk. So we're transitioning here, mind the dust. So! School is such a humongous part of my life that I wa...

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Yarn Friends: Franny
Franny is my first yarn friend in ages. I had so much fun making her, I can't wait to make her 'boyfriend' Frankie. She's made with acrylic and felt and is available for purchase on my etsy. I'm really excited to get back into crochet. I went way too long m...

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Fatshion Friday - Actual School Cool
patch: mokuyobi threads / skull: old familiar way / team carl: barrel of monkeys The other day I posted my dream school outfit, so here's one of my actual school outfits. It's all about comfort and ease of walking/climbing stairs when I go to school. I sort...

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30th Birthday Fun!
My birthday was almost a month ago ... ok well 17 days. I can't believe it, it feels like years. I've been meaning to share some pictures from the little backyard get together, but time keeps getting away from me. Funny how it does that, isn't it? It was su...

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Weekly Roundup!
Hey Babes! It's Sunday and I'm recovering from all the food I ate yesterday at my birthday! I feel like Violet from Willy Wonka, just roll me around. There's no time to lay on the couch and groan though. Let's share some my fav internet finds of the week! V...

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New Hair / New Chapter
Sometimes when bad things that will change my everyday life happen, I throw myself into making a bunch of positive changes too. It's like I can cancel out that bad thing by making good things happen on top if it. I recently suffered a pretty significant los...

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Weekly Round Up!
Look at this amazing whale bone! Can you even imagine how big that whale was? THIS KID! Birds Rights Activist is my favorite twitter via Katie So Danrad is the best human ever. Case closed! WHAT DID I SAY? via annavonsyfert SELFIE SUNDAY GOT A NEW HAIR COLO...

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August so far
Hello beautiful babes. I'm sorry about the radio silence. So many things have happened over the past couple weeks. Most of them have been wonderful! There were a couple beach trips, a zoo trip and so much food. Some of them were less than great ... my area ...
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