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Hmmm... the weekend is nearly done.
That'll make it Monday tomorrow.

#shoesmonday to be more accurate.
And this one will be extra spiffing as me and my charming co-curator +Olga Kafka take great pleasure in introducing two new +Shoes Monday darlings:
+Terry Fabre and +Bernd Schaefers (cue clapping machine thingy).

Hope you'll join us all tomorrow :)

Technical bit:
Post your shot to #shoesmonday curated by +Olga Kafka , +Terry Fabre, +Bernd Schaefers and yours truly...
Circle +Shoes Monday and tag your picture.
Pay us outrageous sums of compliments.
And watch the fun/chaos commence.
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Can't wait shoepeople, I have a few images already lined up... 
I nearly got a hand bag on my face trying to capture a shoe image... Aaah, the things I have to do to keep you lot happy!!!!

insert fatuous compliment here
All lined up (so love the sneaker perspective)! Twinkles on standby!
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