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Monday just isn't Monday without a little #horrorpoker curated by the ghoulish +Horrorpoker Monday team +David Murphy, +Jimmy Symons and +J.L. Btwee

Also as every day is #pigeonsday this one works for +pigeons lover +Julia Su too :)

The birds knew what little horror lay beneath them...
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The little horror ran into the birds just as I was walking his way - intention being to get them to fly into my face. If he hadn't had been with large grown ups, I'd have clipped him round the ear +David Murphy ;)
kid needs a does of horror himself... in the form of poo-bombs from a bunch of freaked-out pigeons :D
I totally agree with you +Wesley Yeoh - and would have loved to have shot that particular image :)
Brilliant shot! I just love your pigeon work!
I'm an accidental pigeon photographer +Pex Magree - though, living in London, I suppose that's not too surprising. Thank you very much :)
This could be the intro scene before some creepy night creature comes in. I like this a lot too for another reason. The timing of the birds flying and escaping from a boy who is ready to shoo them is very reminiscent of what (I) would often do :)
Perfect timing, light and action. Great shot!
Great shot Laura, the person walking into the frame makes it so much stronger for me!
Thank you very much +arnaud Denielou :)
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