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Fox Poll: 61% of Americans believes that Obama lies to us on important issues. 
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... and Fox News lies all the time about everything 
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Can we get back to playing ingress already?
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I like the freedom of speech on the original post, and how this makes what's hot. MEH.  As if the people of the East of Ukraine who largely speak Russian want to live under some Ukrainian right wing coup... 

come on, god save us?.. It's the Ukrainian army being activated against civilians +Alika Alex how do you justify the government using mercenaries? would that lead us all to believe than in 1 million man strong police force, the junta can't find enough people loyal to their fascist rhetoric and have to hire BLACKWATER?

Supporters of Maidan, you're completely screwed the pooch on Crimea, why continue and blow another 1/2 the country? 

Hey I got an Idea, why don't you get your own country, you can wave your nazi flags and hang portraits of Bandera everywhere, you can get all your money from the CIA and EU, since they will pick your government for you, heck you can call it Banderastan so people understand when you start toppling statues and burning books you don't like, just like the taliban.
War... Russia started war .... Eastern Ukraine  that night and morning is in hard situation, Russia started fighting, They are telling that Ukrainian people asking and doing that, but for real we can see russian army.... God save us from them :(
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hahaha +viktor skurko Very True :) 
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Ohh, there's no NAZIs in Ukraine, no roaming gangs of thugs anywhere. why these are all choir boys, peaceful protesters, bussed in by the friendly coup de etat. Oh the yellow SS logo they wear? oh come on, it's cute! 

#Banderastan reaches out to Odessa
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David Stickney

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#Boycott  the #Ukraine  Elections 
DrNikol J.3 days ago
Election cannot be boycotted in 100% therefore they must prevent from even happening; the latter means every voting station/office must be prevented of being set up or must physically destroyed by people's forces - not a single act of voting must be allowed. A boycott will just give negative results - it will bring low turn over for the south-east Ukraine and give the opportunity to US to proclaim the election for fair and regular. ELECTION IN UKRAINE ON MAY 15 SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING BY ALL MEANS. Do not forget the west has all lying media in disposition to "convince" western peoples everything is OK; Russia cannot win without of support from the majority of the  western population. Remember in his speeches Stalin always expressed his gratitude to the support of the western working people in order USSR to exist. Khrushchev and Brezhnev lost exactly this support. EAST must stop reasoning with the western governments; it is impossible. East must make impossible for the US plans to be implemented. No talks about International Law, fairness, etc. will help. Once a poppet is elected as a president in Ukraine the latter will be made to sign up every suitable for the west deal in very short time after the election; these are days - not months.
No election must take place - only referendum with observers and peace-keeping military forces (only from Europe: Russia and the West; not from USA; it is not their business to be here) to back up the fairness of the referendum. No one can trust to Kiev junta.
USA is running out of time. Their resources of any kind will be put in use with the whole possible powers. For Russia, a referendum in Ukraine will be the derisive battle for existence - think of Stalingrad.
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Putin, describing the situation in Crimea, said "The bases are surrounded by people, and women and children, who would shoot through them and what commander in Ukraine would give such an order, taken completely out of context. 

The photo is from Slovyansk, I really doubt Putin is lining up grannies with icons, seriously... Those are people from Donbass, who expect them to live with neo fascists? 
"Our army will be BEHIND women and children" Putin's words are true ........

#ukraine   #russia   #putin  
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Programmable notifications system for Google+ communities, and beyond! (VIDEO is about 4 mins)
Imagine a way on Google+ to tailor and deliver the 'right messages to the right people, at the right time...'

Well, this is exactly what we have created!

The quick video will show you a demo of a programmable desktop notification, and 'badging system' to follow soon  - meaning you can e.g. attribute different 'levels of competence' to people in a community, and deliver unique content to specifically them.

It is about you, and your community. (to request Beta access, see below)
But here is the thing: you will be able to decide how you and your community want to use it (within reason, of course)!
You will decide on the images, the call to action, and where people will 'land' next, as well as 'when' they see it.
It may be a featured article, a 'member of the week', a link to a quiz/test on knowledge, directing people to a YouTube video of the day, a free course at the right level for that person, special 'bonus content', pretty much anything.

Sound good?! We hope so.

As you can see from the video, we have an AWESOME working prototype, but need your help over the coming months...

Would you like your 'Google+ community'  to be considered for Beta testing? (you'll need to be the owner/moderator)
If so, please let us know now by filling in the  in the Google form below:
You can also leave feedback on the concept and request additional features.

We are not going to rush a release, so please be patient. Most probably middle of summer 2014.
We want to get it working 100% right for my own communities first and will make sure it is super awesome for you all.

Background and thanks.
Myself and +Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh have been working on this for about 9 months now. And I'd like to say a big thank you for all his hard work.
Thank to +Linda Dee and +George Sepich for being the midwives at many of the births of Plusto's characters Don't know Plusto? He is the little robot fella.
Thank you once more to +David Stickney for all his help on the videos.
And thanks to earlier testers; things have really moved on now!
Btw, we called it commoogle as we believe in the power of the Google+ community. Now we have a system that may well help us take things even further...

Thank for your interest and we look forward to hearing what you think!
Are you commoogling? (almost!)

#commoogle   #chromeextensions   #plusto  
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