Not happy with the new Google+ Mobile update? Downgrade

Here's how.

You do this at your OWN RISK of course, I can not and will not vouch for the downloadable file this guy provides.

Be sure to find Google+ in the Android app store and mark it to NOT automatically update.


If you have Titanium Backup installed and already have a backup of your apps, you can use that to get the prior version and then detach it from the Google Market.

Also, if you have AppMonster installed and already have a backup of your apps, you can restore from a prior version.
Downgrade now

How to:

1. Download

2. Enable sideloading: Settings -> Security -> "Unknown sources [x]"

3. Deactivate automatic updates to prevent the new version from reappearing: "[ ] Allow automatic updating".

4. Click the downloaded APK in a file manager. It will install.

5. Clear data: The new versions data format is unreadable for the old app. If the upgrade ever ran on your phone, Settings -> App Info -> Google+ and "Clear data". You need to re-configure the old app.
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