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There was a time I felt ten feet
tall, but now I feel ten feet small. Back then, I had friends and people
knew me. We talked, laughed, and shared our thoughts. I walked with a pep in my step, a
smile on my face, and with no concern for the days ahead. Time ...

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Roll with the Changes
Best Birthday present ever!!! Six days ago, someone bought one of
my Ebooks; we’ve been partying ever since. 6 years of work, 4 books published –
26 units sold; I think it’s time I start preparing for fame and fortune. To do list : Hire an assistant, a secr...

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High School Dog Years
Back in 1971, when I was a freshman
in high school, while sitting in study hall trying to figure out how I was going
to survive the next 4 years and shortly after I heard about dog years for the
first time, I cunningly devised a mathematical formula for my ...

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It’s that time of the year again we
all hate, . . . sort through the old junk and hope we have the courage to trash
it. It’s hard throwing away the things that remind you of the past, but in
order to make new memories, it’s a necessary evil. Let’s get to it...

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What an amazing week! It rained, it was hot, it was cold, and it snowed. I blame Global Confusion instead of Global Warming for the erratic weather.  I decided not to attend the monthly
meeting of Perpetual Procrastinators, but I did attend a garden party/ ...

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I wrote query letters for book #4
this week, and I also wrote the rejection letters. It saves time that way, and
I won’t bother people. People do not like it when I bother them. I am the fourth brick from the left in the fourth row I wrote a 5k tragic love ...

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Suicide Note: An Indie Writers Nightmare
Every morning, I sit and sip my
coffee, light coffin nails, and stare blankly at the computer monitor,
which has become a daily ritual for the last two months now, while I ponder over
whether or not I should click the publish button for my fourth book? To b...

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How to survive being an indie writer
Today we are diving into the deep.
Alert the trauma center, jimmy. Being an indie writer is a brutal
endeavor. Toughness, Strong-willed, and failure-acceptance are required – and that’s
the short list. How to keep going when your books
aren’t selling? Write...

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Another chapter in history is unfolding and another generation of repeaters are making sure nothing changes.  It brought a tear to my eye when I saw the youth of American carrying on the glorious tradition of protesting, rioting,
vandalizing, looting, and s...

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Reality – The Forgotten Illusion
Reality: the true situation that exists. There are rare instances when an illusion
created is either so perfect or so utterly fantastic it is thought to be impossible even
in a fantasy world. Be warned, these occasions are extremely rare and you
should appr...
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