So usually I spend my spare time on the weekend playing World of Warcraft. This weekend however has been different....

Why I'm loving Glitch
In a happy accident I was looking around the interwebs for good examples of responsive design when I came across the Glitch website as an example. Based on the description of the game and the cute look and feel I submitted my email address for an invite. I got my invitation to the game that night and as of writing this I've just received my 11 hours of game play achievement. >.>

The reasons Glitch appeals to me in no particular order:

1. The artwork. I'm not one of those people who insists that a game is no good if it doesn't use 3D graphics (I'm thinking of my husband here haha). I love the style of the artwork and the amount of variety in the game.

2. The UI is really well designed with easily learned controls. While one part of me is just enjoying the game the UX designer in me is equally enjoying the well designed user interface.

3. It's a young game just out of beta which from experience means the community is at it's most tight knit and strongest. I may not know anyone yet but lurking in chat and the forums shows me an active, passionate (about the game), and friendly community. A refreshing change from Trade chat in WoW!

4. The whimsy and humour. I've had several moments of glee at the clever references, silly jokes and fun animations etc.

5. It's HUGE. This is definitely a game for the Explorers and Socialisers (referencing Bartle). Not only is the world of Ur huge with hidden places to discover but the amount of in game items is also huge. Which leads me to...

6. Crafting! I am one of those people who likes to learn crafts and make things from scratch etc. The in game economy doesn't seem particularly complex or compelling at the moment, however I'm a noob and the game is young. I am enjoying all the training and working out what to learn when.

7. Achievements. I love me some achievements, just like crafting it appeals to the obsessive compulsive part of my nature.

8. Resource management. Balancing energy, mood and currants (in game $) is a challenge. I'm the kind of person who enjoys micromanaging in resource games like the Sims and Simcity so this is right up my alley.

9. It's a platform game which appeals to the old school gamer in me.

10. It's FREE. Well mostly but the items you can buy are cosmetic which means everyone is on a level playing field as far as 'succeeding at the game' goes. From what I understand subscription is relatively cheap so I may pony up once my free month of subscriber status runs out.

11. The opportunity for learning and discovery. I love to learn new things. Even if that knowledge will only be of any use in an imaginary pixel universe. There is so much to learn in this game and I think that's probably one of the main things that has me so hooked. I'm already using some of the great community created resources out there but I'm also enjoying just working things out through trial and error.

12. API. I just love it when game developers make all or parts of their game or tool kit accessible for 3rd party developers to extend the game in various ways. I haven't used or come across any stuff by external devs using the API yet but I know it's out there. Another thing to explore/learn about actually ;)

I'm sure I could probably go on but those are pretty much the key reasons that I'm in love with playing Glitch right now.

If you've read this far and if you think Glitch might be something you'd like to try I have some invites to share so comment if you'd like one.

You can also read more about the game at the website.
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