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Shortening the Growth Cycle
Independent insurance agency owners know that it can take years to establish a book of business, and that growing a firm's customer base is a never-ending process. Our latest blog post addresses the strategy of acquiring an existing agency with a healthy balance sheet and complementary lines of business to shorten the growth cycle and quickly grow annual revenues. Learn why the current marketplace is teeming with opportunities and how to find sellers that fit your objectives.

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It's All in the Timing
You've spent years building a successful insurance agency. Now, you're ready to put it on the market and move on to other interests. There's just one catch: timing your sale. Learn the three key factors that can make the difference between getting top value for your business, or selling yourself short.

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Insurance Agency for Sale in West Texas
Through our robust network of insurance industry insiders, we have learned about an independent agency for sale in West Texas. This ten-year-old agency has a strong financial track record and presents an excellent investment opportunity for anyone looking to buy an insurance agency in this area. Please contact our office at 972-395-8811 for more information.


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Revenue vs. Profit: Are You Really Growing Your Agency?
As an insurance agency owner, it's critical that you understand the accounting principals that apply to a commission-driven business. Learning how to properly calculate the the fiscal health of your agency not only can help ensure that your business continues to grow and thrive, but also help you get the most value for your enterprise if you choose to sell your agency in the future.

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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Insurance Agency
The average age of an insurance agency owner is 59, and most are looking toward retirement in the near future. Experts estimate three out of four agencies in the U.S. will transition in the next ten years. Despite high valuations, low interest rates and a plethora of prospective buyers, many agency owners are still leaving money on the table when selling their insurance firm, because they lack the proper expertise to manage the process. Here's how to avoid common pitfalls and get the maximum value for the business you worked hard to build.

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Lending Options for Independent Insurance Agencies
Need capital to grow your business, consolidate debt, or execute a perpetuation plan? Most traditional lenders won't offer financing for independent agencies, because loans generally are based on hard assets. But, a niche financing industry has emerged to address the needs of agency owners, providing independent insurance agencies with a broad range of loan options to support their business.

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How to Find Funding for Your Insurance Agency
Accessing capital to purchase or expand an insurance agency can be difficult, because most lenders won't finance businesses with few tangible assets. Learn about a specialized group of loan packages specifically for insurance agents that let the borrower access capital based on the business' cash flow. If you need capital to grow your agency, Springtree Group can help: 972-395-8811.

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New Insurance Agency Loan Options
Single digit interest rates on business loans from $50,000 to $5 million? Sounds too good to be true, but it's a reality. A new loan program provided by one of our contract underwriters now makes it possible for insurance agency owners to get much needed capital for commercial real estate investments, acquisition funding, debt consolidation, and other needs.

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Lending Options for Insurance Agency Owners
From buying new computer equipment to buying out another agency, insurance agencies need capital to grow. Problem is, lenders like to see hard assets to lien against, and independently owned agencies generally don't have any. Springtree Group has established a portfolio of lending products that are specifically tailored for insurance agencies with annual revenues under $5 million. Our packages range from traditional and SBA-backed loans to packages from special-purpose lenders. Visit our agency funding page to see how we can help you achieve your business goals.

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