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Anyway to block the home button in the lockscreen feature? 

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Hi guys! Someone knows why I cannot active lockscreen in ACDisplay? I try to active but i cant.. Helpp :(

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It is possible to imitate Pranoid Android Halo style in Notifly? That would be simply amazing.. I let you a video to see how It works!

As an aesthetic improvement, it would be great that when the bubbles arent touched, have a kind of fading effect in the screen border and appears again in a fully way when you touch them, what do you think?

Very nice app +Flyperinc Applications​, you are doing a very great work developing it! 😊 Each day the app looks like more like Halo from Paranoid Android and I love it because I really want that feature in my smartphone again!! Keep going, you are amazing!

Hello? Someone here!? 😗

Some info about the update plzzz? 😢

Hacemos un canal de Telegram de gente que juegue a Starbound? A ver si encontramos a alguien... Jajajajajajajaja

PD: Hoy me compro el juego en Steam.

+Shino Noneko​tienes que darle vida a esto!!!!

Muy buenas!! Esto esta vivo? Yo no tengo aún el juego pero estoy como loco por pillarlo por steam para jugarlo en mi Mac. Lo he visto y es brutal..
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