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Sugar, Fat, You, Your Bacteria, And Measuring It All
From a User Experience point of view, the problem with dieting is that the delay between cause and effect. If being hungry for a little while immediately showed an effect in fat stores, we'd all be sporting six-packs as we be able to regulate losing fat eff...

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Software Sucks
I bought a Nexus 7 Tablet 2 years ago. It runs Android. Google kept pushing updates to it to make it better and more secure, going through versions like Kitkat and Lollipop and maybe Marshmallow as well, I don't know, and I don't really care. What I care ab...

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Everything Is Crap So Why Not Driverless Cars?
Tuesday I attended a fabulous unconference  What Are We Going To Do About Artificial Intelligence?  where we split into smaller groups and discussed AI from different angles. It was attended by technologists, futurologists, designers, product managers, and ...

Two more weeks of gardening leave. I should really find a job. Instead I know today I will dick around with Origami Live.

Yes, I am available for all your UX strategy, direction, and design needs.

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To Charge Luxury Prices, You Need To Make A Luxury Item
It's not my ambition to have this become a Daring Fireball reaction blog, but an article did catch my attention , in which the price point of the forthcoming Apple Watch is discussed. The key paragraph is: I now think Edition models will start around $10,00...

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When I Think About Age Discrimination In Tech...
...I think about people around me whose benefits are about to run out because recruiters don't want to put them forward for work they have twenty years of experience, because it involves a language or framework that isn't directly on the CV for years. Or is...

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Xiaomi Mi3
The technology narrative in the Western press about industrial design on 'foreign' shores used to be how non-Western countries start off by making cheap copies of great American technology, then achieve quality parity, then start making beautiful designs, b...

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A World Managed By Apps Is Closed For Those Without A Smartphone
It's hard to blog about the broader ramifications of tech when you see all these trends in your workplace that you can't talk about, as they all hook into each other and some are covered by your Confidentiality Agreements. But one I can discuss is another d...

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