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WEDDING TIP: How to schedule wedding reception speeches and toasts

When wedding planning the itinerary for the reception evening, there are two ways to approach this. Efficiency versus quality of experience.

Some couples like to be efficient with their time so they schedule speeches and toasts during dinner or spread out throughout the evening. Great for time efficiency but there are drawbacks they often don't consider. Being in the field of wedding videography what I see each and every time is that the couple and guests do not hear a lot of what is being said. That really touching or funny story the speaker just shared gets lost in the chaos. Forever. Especially if it wasn't video taped. The audience is distracted by the servers coming around, they're busy with their food, asking for refills, there's a lot of dinner noise, clanging silverware, people talking, etc. Worse, when we're filming their reactions, we're really just getting lots of closeups of people putting food in their mouths, chewing away and picking their teeth. Not flattering. I really witness how they miss a lot of the punch lines or direct messages. Aside from these issues, planners hold well meaning intentions to at least time speeches between courses. Given how large the guest list is and how long it takes to go around and serve everybody, this is not as clear cut as it seems. And trying to get 200-300 peoples attention numerous times through the night is quite the feat. Anybody who has taught before knows how difficult it is to get a group to settle down and be quiet just once. The experience is not ideal and your memories in your wedding video will match that.

The OTHER way to plan toasts is to group them all together after dinner. Everybody is relaxed, focused, and listening intently. It's quiet. Messages are heard and absorbed. People are smiling or crying or laughing. No food in the way. No chewing. No distractions. As a wedding videographer, I see the dramatic difference in the quality of the speech experience and in the end, I'm able to craft them a beautiful wedding video filled with memorable stories.  This is the way you'd like to remember your day. Food for thought when planning your wedding!

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Greg Idasz is a wedding videographer, creative director and editor at AV Artisan Wedding Films which serves all of Ontario including Toronto, the GTA, Kitchener/Waterloo, London, Niagara Falls, Kingston, Ottawa and international destinations. AV Artisan Productions has been voted Best Cinematographer in SW Ontario and 2nd in Canada (2013 Wedding Industry Expert Awards) and is winner of Wedding Wire Couples’ Choice Award 2014.
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We love documenting events but more importantly re-telling the stories behind the events! One of the most emotional wedding films from a couple of years ago. This is the story of an ordinary girl who got set up on a blind the guy's mother. As cool and down to earth as he was, he was also an NHL hockey player who plays on national TV. Problem was SHE didn't know a thing about hockey and had absolutely zero interest in it. Now they got married. Hear their moving story here. This was is a real tear jerker. Your heart will swell. You've been warned. It's ok. The fun, happy parts will offset that. Watch here:

#nhlwedding   #sportswedding   #celebritywedding   #torontowedding   #weddingvideo  

A couple you simply can't help but fall in love with! Thanks to Darroll's mother's insistent match-making skills, the couple is now able to share their infectious love for each other and inspire the rest of us! They're so cute together. And as Darroll explains what he learned from his astronomy class, we get to see how their love really is like space.

Congratulations Denise and Darroll!

Photography: Bartek and Magda
Church: St. Justin's Parish
Reception: UWO - The Grand Hall
Wedding Planner: Unmistakably You - Amy McNall
DJ: Vanrock
Florist: Patsy's Floral Scapes
Music licensed through:
Cameras: Canon 5D markIII, Panasonic GH2, Canon 7D, Panasonic AF100

Voted Best Cinematographer in SW Ontario and 2nd in Canada // 2013 Wedding Industry Expert Awards
Wedding Wire Couples' Choice Award 2014

Professional HD high definition wedding videography covering Toronto, GTA, London Ontario, Ottawa, Kingston, Windsor, Kitchener/Waterloo, Vancouver, Montreal, Canada and exotic destinations
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Our video posted by the super popular PopSugar Moms website. "...the first time we've seen a video reveal!" AV Artisan created this gender-reveal short film (kind of like a pregnancy reveal) and it really took off! And the baby is STILL waiting to come out!  #babyreveal   #genderreveal   #pregnancyreveal   #pregnancyannouncement   #babyvideo   #pregnant
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Picture this: a beautiful, elegant bride, carrying herself with class. Guests' heads turn as she walks by. She moves almost in slow motion. People can be heard saying how she's grown up into such a mature woman and is now the most beautiful bride. Guests pull out their cameras to try to get a picture. She's so happy and as she smiles while looking around, her jaw continues chomping and smacking on a big wad of gum! How flattering it that?! On your wedding day, please be sure to avoid the gum. Advise and remind all your wedding party of the same. Years later when you're watching your wedding video, you'll be able to relax and enjoy. You won't have to stress out over that huge regret forever watching yourself chewing rubber.

Are you guilty of this? Do you or anyone you know have a bad gum chewing story?

For more tips follow this G+ or the blog at:

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" was the most repeated “regret” among brides we interviewed." How is it that wedding videography is generally so undervalued only BEFORE a wedding? 

#weddingtips   #weddingregret   #weddingplanning   #weddingplanner   #weddingvideography   #weddingvideographers   #weddingmemories  
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You've probably never been married before or had to shop around for wedding professionals. How do you decide??

Brand new wedding tip on the blog (4 part series). Click here:

Your decisions now will affect the destiny of your wedding day memories. Please share.

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You've probably never been married before and never had to shop around for wedding professionals before. How do you know what to look for and how do you make your decisions? In the world of wedding videography, there are various 1) prices to choose from 2) degrees of experience and expertise 3) levels of quality and 3) creative styles.
The most common way to shop is by price. Naturally most of us just want to get the best deal possible and there are certainly wedding videographers offering cheap deals and discounts. Sounds tempting. But that does not tell you the whole story. Investing in your wedding is not like price shopping at the grocery store. There's a lot more at stake on your one time wedding day and before committing to anything it's highly encouraged you do your homework. Ask to view actual longer completed samples. Know exactly what you're getting without any surprises later on. Crystal clear communication is critical during this first stage. Exactly how long is the final product, what's included, what are the deliverables, how will the video look like? Unfortunately, we are asked from time to time to at least re-edit a couple's disappointing wedding video they got from somebody else. It's as true in this industry as any, you usually get what you pay for.
Looking around, so many videographers simply lack a lot of the resources and capital and/or experience and use up a lot of their time and energy still working their day jobs. Making mistakes is how we all learn but you should consider if you're comfortable with amateurs and part-timers learning and practicing on your wedding day - some common mistakes being having shaky distracting footage, dark or grainy images, bad sound or no sound at all, bad colour or missing key moments. This one video will be what you're stuck with for the rest of your life and should be thrilling to watch!
From a technical perspective (video/audio/lighting/etc.) challenges and glitches almost always come up. On the one day of your actual wedding, you need to be sure your hired help is able to deal with the unexpected, possess the knowledge to understand what the problem is, know how to solve it immediately, have the experience and confidence to handle pressure calmly, have all of the backup gear needed, have the people skills and be able to maintain a happy, positive attitude while dealing with all the numerous vendors and guests. 
From a cinematography standpoint, your chosen videographer should also should have an understanding and mastery of the fundamentals: proper framing, lighting, composition, exposure, focus, camera movement, anticipate scenarios proactively, have environmental awareness (there's different things happening in different directions at once…), look for the story beyond the obvious and be able to adapt quickly to spontaneous changes all while cleanly capturing fleeting moments, and hopefully have an artistic vision of how to capture and craft all the events into a meaningful assembly and then have the patience and creativity to sit for 10-50 hours meticulously editing your video.
Then there's a more creative or artistic perspective to consider. Is the footage recorded in a straight forward 'point and shoot' manner or is it captured more artistically? What about editing? Is it presented as a typical chronological "wedding video" or does it get more creative? Or do they offer both styles?
It's ALL these aspects that separate the lower budget videographers from the more experienced professionals. You may get lucky and get what you're looking for for a low, cheap price but you need to be aware of what to look for and the risks involved. In one sense, what separates the lower budget videographers from the trusted, reputable ones is the level of guarantee that they can deliver on their promise, to deliver a high quality product, successfully navigating through the high demands of a one time fast paced event - without missing the important shots you're looking to treasure. Our clients are consistently over-the-moon thrilled with their experience and results with us. We even get glowing thank you notes YEARS after their wedding. Read some of their sincere reviews here:

Happy Planning!


“I’ve never seen someone work so hard in my life – and still smiling at the end of the day answering my many questions.”
Father of the bride

AV Artisan Wedding Films is a professional, full-time video production and wedding videography /cinematography company specializing in a cinematic and breathtaking approach to filming weddings. 

- driven by passion
- committed to constant and never-ending improvement in all aspects: artistic, technical and customer service
- loaded with experience; shot hundreds of events since 2007
- constantly reinvesting in training and education: in shooting, editing, and business
- invested and reinvested tens of thousands of dollars into the highest quality, professional, cutting edge gear; including reliable backup equipment
- winner of Best Cinematographer award (2013) and Couples' Choice Award (2014)

For more information or inspiration, visit or call 519-860-1203 or email
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WEDDING TIP on choosing a photographer/videographer:
Trends - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow. 

Read here:

Following the latest trends is exciting and cool! Whether it’s looking for ideas for wedding decor, wedding dresses, or checking out different photo or video approaches, people are often attracted by the most modern, unique and innovative styles. Specifically with wedding photography and videography, the way your photographer and videographer chooses to capture and present your big day will last with you forever. FOR EVER. You want to make sure their work stands the test of time. Any special effects or anything too extreme (way too bright, way too saturated, etc.) will eventually get outdated and look cheesy. You want to be sure in ten and twenty years your images and wedding film are still appealing and look great! Following trendy styles is fun. But trends also die. You don’t want your precious wedding memories to be washed away with that. You can’t undo your pictures or video. Yes, art is subjective but you also don’t want to be stuck with a wedding video with soft white clouds around the border and animated hearts floating around you or any other modern special FX equivalent. Happy planning!

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For more tips and wedding film inspiration follow here or at the website blog:
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Brand new happy wedding film! As Mahan excitedly put it just now: "This defies everything people expect from a wedding video"

Watch here:

#torontowedding   #persianwedding   #weddingvideography   #weddingvideo   #weddingcinematography   #estatesofsunnybrook  

This lighthearted Persian wedding ceremony was nestled in a beautiful outdoor setting at the Estates of Sunnybrook, Vaughan Estate in Toronto. The sun was out, peeking in between the tall trees and love and excitement was definitely in the air. The overall ambiance for this wedding was FUN! Lots of laughs, socializing, joking and party dancing! When the groom seems to take after the comedic effect of Ben Stiller / Zoolander, you know you're in for a good time.

Congratulations Mahan and Neema!

Venue: Estates of Sunnybrook, Vaughan Estate
Photography: 5ive15ifteen
DJ: DJ Borhan Entertainment
Music licensed through

Voted Best Cinematographer in SW Ontario and 2nd in Canada // 2013 Wedding Industry Expert Awards
Wedding Wire Couples' Choice Award 2014

AV Artisan Wedding Films

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Professional HD high definition wedding videography cinematography covering Toronto, GTA, Mississauga, Ancaster, London Ontario, Ottawa, Kingston, Windsor, Kitchener/Waterloo, Guelph, Muskoka, Vancouver, Montreal, Canada and exotic destinations.
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Planning your wedding? When the day has FINALLY come to say your vows to your new spouse, hopefully they'll be able to hear you (yes, speak audibly to them). Beyond that, who else will be able to hear you? The front row? Guests at the back? They will either be straining, barely able to make out your faint voice off in the distance or hear you nicely via the microphone/speakers. When planning with your officiant, find out if they will be using a handheld microphone that you'll be able to use. If you have an #outdoorceremony / #outdoorwedding , most likely your DJ will have a microphone for you. Then double check with your officiant if they will be holding it up for you during that moment. We had an officiant once who had a handheld microphone but only amplified his own voice during the vows. Your cherished guests will have a dramatically different experience of your wedding ceremony if they can hear you or not. Share your love and help them feel connected and involved. Not only this, your #weddingvideographer  will have an incredibly clean audio sound to include in your wedding video for you. This is what you'll go back to listen to and treasure, long after your wedding is over. It's a win/win/win. One mother of the bride explained to me how she's never been able to go back and hear her husband's vows and how priceless it would be to have it. Luckily her now married children won't have that regret with their own #weddingvideo . Use that microphone!

For more wedding tips focused on the Toronto area follow this G+ and visit the blog at:

Photo courtesy of HRM Photography:

#weddingtips   #weddingtip   #weddingtips2014   #weddingplanning   #torontowedding   #torontoweddingplanner  
#weddingplanner   #weddingplanningtips   #weddingplanningadvice   #weddingplanningchecklist   #weddingplanningquestions     #weddingvows   #weddingadvice  
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+1 519-860-1203
Video Production Service, Wedding PhotographerToday 10:00 am – 6:00 am
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AV Artisan Wedding Films is a professional boutique filmmaking studio. As passionate story tellers, their natural drive is to constantly grow and challenge their creative limits while handcrafting you breath taking, artistic, fun and emotional films that leave you and your family feeling totally inspired!

At the core is Greg. When he first started out, he was so excited to be able to go out, shoot a bunch of super amazing footage and then quickly run home and weave it all together into a stunning piece...and experience lots of powerful feedback. This caused an immediate demand for his services. Today, he still gets to do the same thing. Just at a much higher level traveling around with his amazing team bringing more and more happiness and beauty into the world through his work.

Over the years, Greg has gone on to train one-on-one with some of the world's leading wedding and event cinematographers. He trains and mentors newcomers in the field. In 2013, AV Artisan Wedding Films was voted by a landslide as Best Cinematographer in SW Ontario and second place overall in Canada (2013 Wedding Industry Expert awards). In 2014 they won Wedding Wire's Couple's Choice Award.

Please see to view films. For more information email
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