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Zvents: Discover things to do.
Zvents: Discover things to do.

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We are thrilled to announce that Zvents Inc. has been acquired byStubHub, an eBay company!

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This is really cool, and a reason we love being at the intersection of the internet and the event worlds: a junk computer orchestra!

Generally, old computers playing music are a proof-of-concept, because-I-could sort of thing that's neat for a bout 30 seconds and then hurts your ear drums. Not so here! I'd totally listen to this in the car or dance to it in a club. Seriously good stuff.

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Remember yesterday's promise for free pics? We have our first claim! The Uptown Club is throwing a New Year's Eve Bash with champagne toast, live burlesque and Lee Presson and the Nails! Should be a helluva show!

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Are you a venue putting on a New Year's Even event? Want a FREE image on your listing?

Go to to add you listing, and then email us at with the code word G+NYE, and we'll free images to the first ten responses! We'll also link to your listing from Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter!

Remember to include a link to the listing you want the image on, the image, and attribution/ownership information.

Thanksgiving weekend came and went, and now it's all Christmas songs on the radio. Some people are even playing a game to see how long they can go without hearing "Little Drummer Boy!"

Yep, the holiday season is coming up, complete with fake snow (out her in California anyhow), relatives you only see once a year and good cheer of all stripes.

Where did fall go? Wasn't it Halloween just a week or two ago...?

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Did you know most people who use Zvents to find events do that in the 24-48 hours before the event? So now's the time to start looking for Thanksgiving events!

Have fun, enjoy the turkey (or tofurkey, if that's your thing) and do something fun this weekend!

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If you never heard zydeco music, you'll want to go check this out. It's a mix of French Canadian-derived Cajun music mixed up with blues and rhythm and blues way back when. Then electric guitars came along and really gave it a kick in the pants.

Now it's a highly danceable, totally Cajun kind of party music that's spreading out across the world. The Zydeco Flames won the North Bay Music Award a couple of years ago (2009) and are still rocking the area. The best part? It's all going down this Tuesday in Berkeley!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, this Friday, 11/11/11 is Nigel Tufnel Day. We urge you all to participate, from paying respect to a tiny Stonehenge at 11:00 am to smelling the glove at 11:00 pm.

Details on our blog.

Hello, World!

There's always this pressure to say just the right thing on the first post in a new network. But why should there be? It's really pretty simple:

1) We're Zvents. We help you find neat stuff to do.
2) We have a massive database of events, and over 300 partners, nationwide.
3) Like anyone else, we like social networking. Check in here for news about Zvents and events, neat stuff we find and come up with, and to tell us the answer to the one question everyone asks: What are you doing toinght?

So that's it for now. Find us here, on, at our and of course at

-The Z-Team
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