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Voor die angstig en lastig mannier dat ik vandaag leren kennen heb
Pare el
señor ese, asustadizo y preguntón, que conocí hoy Mira, esa idea, es solo una fachada, solo lo estoy usando para sacar adelante
lo que quiero, aunque no dejo de sacar hacer algo funcional. Y sí! tu deberías
de tenerme miedo porque yo soy el que algú...

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great and working properly!

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firmenle!, sign it!

ahi una publicacion sobre el narcotrafico por si te interesa...

Sorry Lenn if it's not in netherlands netheir in english, but google translate will do it perfectly from spanish to english... The rest of the entries of the blog will not be so easy for the google translate. But there is a publication in english "The Searching of The Mistake". But I will try to make the texts more organized in the form of chapters. You will see... leave your comments or send me and email!

Daniel y Abel:
Que pedo!... haha

Ahh al rato te pongo tu texto, lo que pasa es que yo creo que eres falto de fe!!.. y no me mordi la lengua he.. haha.. (si te hubiera dicho pecador, entonces si quedo sangrando, pero como yo no creo en el pecado... entonces no hay pex! hahah....


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Supermassive black holes are black holes that have reached incomprehensible size and destructive power. Our galaxy and most - possibly, all - galaxies, have supermassive black holes at their centers, voraciously devouring everything that encounters their event horizon. Nothing, not even light, can escape.

This video includes amazing simulations and animations.

Cosmic Journeys: The Largest Black Holes in the Universe
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