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I'm a Social Media pathfinder
I'm a Social Media pathfinder

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Have you joined the HubSpot Summer Book Club Giveaway? If you're an insatiable reader like me, this is sweet!

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It's getting harder and harder to keep up with all my social media profiles, so...

What's your best tip for staying ahead of the monitoring & engagement game?

via +WDL 

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14 Outstanding tips on increasing the effectiveness of your tweets from +Peg Fitzpatrick 

I've had tremendous over the last year by improving #7 & #8 on her list. I'd love to hear about how any of these tips are working for you! 
14 Ways to Increase Your Clickthrough Rate on Twitter
"Tweeting is easy. You can type up anything in three seconds and press "tweet." But sending a clickable tweet -- that, my friend, is a science.

Thankfully, making your tweets clickable doesn't "just happen" based on the whim of the Twitter gods. It happens when you intentionally apply a certain set of principles."

Read it all here:

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What do you think? Are the rumors of death for Google+ (once again) over-exaggerated? Or, knowing how often Google gives life to, and then kills off products - might this be an ill omen indeed?

What would you do if Google+ closed shop?
It's been a long time coming, but now it's official - Google+ is being broken up into two distinct products as part of the ongoing restructuring of Google's failed social network: 

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Apparently I've been on Twitter longer than I realized!

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So you're on LinkedIn, and you have a respectably robust network full of well-connected and eager to succeed connections...

But, do you have a plan for turning this into business and opportunity? Is your profile written not only to attract new connections, but to wow and  to demonstrate to your existing connections what value you can provide them?

+Mike Allton share the secrets behind what it takes to develop and put to use a perfect profile.

#linkedin   #marketing   #socialmedia  
The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Taking the time to make your LinkedIn profile look as thorough and professional as possible is a big deal. So much so that I've devoted a tremendous amount of time creating and updating this Ultimate Guide to the Perfect LinkedIn profile. Packed with recommendations, screenshots and expert tips, this will help you make sure that profile is working hard to promote you, and your business.

This update includes an entire new section on Why Use LinkedIn At All if you're running a business, more screenshots, and some fabulous Expert Tips from +Sarah Santacroce +Stephan Hovnanian and +Andy Foote. And a few bug fixes. :) Consider this version 2.0.1.

This is not a 5 Top Tips kind of post, folks. If you're serious about improving your LinkedIn profile, expect to spend at least an hour or two going through all of the recommendations and making necessary changes to your profile. Plan to bookmark this and revisit as often as needed. That said, it's time well spent, so I hope you're able to optimize that profile and really leverage it to grow and promote yourself and your business.

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Honored to be included in the +Innov8tivmag article "Top Pinterest Accounts You Should Follow."

Impressive company indeed, and I couldn't agree more with the others on the list like +Mashable , +Mari Smith , +Social Media Today and more!

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Great points from +Sean Gardner on the secret of getting asked to speak at conferences.

I'm posting this while at the Academy of Laser Dentistry annual conference where I'm speaking on Saturday, and this is exactly how I got this invitation as well.

My new post on the #LinkedIn  Blog >> "How To Get a Conference Speaking Appearance" - 

#eventprofs   #events   #conferences   #tips   #networing   #socialmedia   #socialnetworking  

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I'll be speaking at the Academy of Laser Dentistry's annual conference next week about social media - so I'd like to ask you a question:

What information could your dentist share online that you would find useful?

Thanks in advance for your replies!
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