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Have you seen those crazy infomercials for the vibrating abdominal machine that will give you six pack abs by sitting on the couch while eating a hamburger, or the shake weight where you move your arm in an awkward fashion and all of a sudden you can wear a bikini on the beach and feel AWESOME?

You have got to be kidding!!

Join us on Monday, April 27th at 6pm

RSVP by calling 530-243-0889 or visiting:

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Since you are what you eat, would you say this is a good thing? 
We hope the answer is resounding YES, but most people who are honest with themselves are probably not too proud of the food they put in their body.
Join us for a workshop, "EAT WELL- What you MUST KNOW to Look in the Mirror and Say "WOW!"
Seats are Limited, please call to reserve your seat Today!
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