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5 Ways to Say Thank You
With the holidays coming and November being the month of gratitude, I thought I would share the best ways to say thanks. It’s a common platitude and often shared verbally, but we know that people want to feel appreciated in a variety of ways, so why not mix...

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The Most Common Reasons Training Programs Fail
We have all been the victim of a bad training
event  - and for some impossible to understand
reason, it is often tolerated. Participants have come to expect that they will
have to sit for too long, hear content that is too generic, and listen to
speakers wh...

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Months in a Minute
Walker Customer Experience Conference, San Antonio, TX; Nationwide Columbus, OH; Utah SHRM Crossroads Conference, Provo, Utah We have to cover two months in this blog entry – I have been a little behind! September and October took us to clients and events i...

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Feedback After Failure
Obviously, no one wants to make a bad decision or make a mistake. Yet if we consider the things in life that have shaped us the most, there are likely more than a few failures and tough lessons on the list.  However, we rarely allow employees the benefit of...

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Man Up
I don't know how it has happened exactly, but there seems to be an epidemic of employees who are lacking in personal accountability. I have observed it myself, and hear a lot of excuses when I ask someone why they didn't take control of their own actions. W...

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5 Ways to Be More Resilient at Work
Resilient employees adjust to unexpected change. They also remain positive after a setback. They can make the best of a situation without any special accommodation or drama. In short – they make a dream employee. This week’s blog provides 5 tips on how you ...

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I Call It Like I See It
I was working with a client a few weeks ago and heard him say, "I just call it like I see it..." in response to being called insensitive after giving some brutally honest feedback to a coworker. Think about that statement: "I" call it like "I" see it. You c...

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It's Hard to Breath in a Feedback Vacuum
Hearing feedback can be tough, especially information that we don't like or don't want to believe about ourselves. But those who are willing to face it gain a real opportunity to increase their overall effectiveness, influence and business results. I have h...

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The Great Divide: Our Inter-Generational Workplace
I remember watching the Superbowl one year with my daughter Annie. At the time she was 7-years-old, and after a few minutes she said to me, "They are just playing for fun, right?" and I said, "No, they are playing for real. They want to win." And she said, ...

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Month in a Minute
School is back in session. The Fall routine starts again and we are heading into the last 100 days of the year. For those in Texas, Louisiana and now Florida, there has likely been a lot of business and personal life disruption. If you have been affected, k...
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