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Could someone point me in the right direction to find birth records for someone "born at sea".

This is listed for the person in the 1851 census. The birth would have taken place c1811.

The persons name is John Cambridge, it appears he went on to live the remainder of his life at Hartlepool Durham, his lifetime occupation was as a fisherman. 

Can I import a list of citations/repository from program like EndNote into Legacy 8?

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Can anyone identify this medal please.

I believe that it was issued by the Dutch Army around 1880 - 1900.
Other medals mounted with this medal are as follows:

• Cross for important War Actions Atjeh 1873-1896
• Lombok Cross 1894

I am assuming that the recipient served in the Dutch East Indies around the time periods mentioned.

I was recently "Killing Off" some ancestors when I came across a baby who tragically died aged 14 hours. The cause of death is stated as Convulsions from Birth.

Does that mean some sort of seizure?

Is there such a thing as a Certified or qualified Legacy trainer?

If so how do you go about doing the course? 

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The Immigration Deposit Journals for one of my ancestors who immigrated to NSW in 1865, has the letters C.P.S in the remarks column. Could anyone tell me what the letters stand for? Many of the other immigrants listed also have these letters in the remarks column.

Can I add a citation/source to a media file, i.e. a photo? I've checked the help section and couldn't see anything.

Hi Everyone,

My name is Les Tobin and I'm from the land down under, specifically Queensland, Australia.

Personal Interest

I began researching my family history in the mid 1980's and progressed at reasonable pace even though most of the correspondence was back when you had to actually had to write letters and post by surface mail. I got the bug again with the advent of the internet and when having a convict in your Australian ancestry seemed the thing to have. 

Moving forward a few years, I have recently retired and having some time on my hands and being able to do the stuff that I wanted to do, I decided to undertake a formal training course in Family History and Genealogy. To that end I enrolled with The National Institute for Genealogical Studies in Canada. I am currently about 3/4 of the way through the Australian Certificate in Genealogical Studies-40 Courses-Complete. 

I am a member of several Google + communities and find the information and knowledge exchange is outstanding. I enjoy participating in various hangouts, and offering my limited contribution where appropriate. I deliver short presentations at my local library once or twice a month often on the Legacy program and other specific aspects of Australian and English research. I also have membership of many Genealogical and Family History societies in England and Australia, the difficult thing is to decide which ones are right for you as there is so many to choose from.


I hope to be finished the course by the end of 2015,then to begin applying my knowledge, skill and ability to assist others in researching their ancestral past and preserving their precious family history for generations to come. I am anticipating specialising in Australian Military history, since I have a significant background in that area. I look to following as many of the posts within this and other Genealogy and Family History communities that time allows.  

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this community and am seeking advice on the best approach to obtain a birth certificate for a family relative. 

Known Information:

I know the persons full name and birth date  in 1925 as well as their religious denomination (RC). I also I know the father's name and mothers full maiden name. The person is deceased.  The main issues are twofold one is the place of birth and second the birth is less than 100 years old. 

I believe that the birth place is in the vicinity of  Newtownbutler, Co Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. Although there is a slight possibility the birth may have taken place in the north of Co Cavan. 

I am aware that the boundary between these two counties forms the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, as well as the fact that the border takes some unusual twists and turns in this vicinity, hence the uncertainty. 

Assuming that all the above information is correct.

Question#1; Would that be sufficient to obtain a full birth certificate? I realise that the year of birth is less than 100 years.

Question#2; Does this present any additional issues? If so what are they?

Question#3; If the place of birth that I state is not exactly correct, but the birth was somewhere nearby, will the GRONI still have a look and issue the certificate if all the other criteria match?

Copyright and Contracts

Could anyone suggest a good reference book on Australian Copyright Law.

If it specializes in family history or genealogy all the better. 
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