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Just launched an NYC-based Moving company. I was responsible for the design (in collaboration with Michiel Andrea - and responsive WordPress theme development.

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Proud to launch!!!

Vote for my portfolio site, for a css award!

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My new portfolio!

no idea when I'll have time to move it to the new domain... but check it out-- any and all comments / feedback welcome!

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Proud to launch !!! I did all front-end and wordpress development, and interaction design.


- Geometric canvas / js based animation on the homepage
- The entire site is navigable / loads via ajax + HTML5 history
- Code / CSS / SVG / Font based icons and design elements, so the whole site scales (minus the photos)

Proud to launch ANNOYINGORANGE.COM !!!!

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Just learned how to do this in Coda today-- incredible:

In Clips, in the section that says “click here to add tab trigger,” type ‘ltie6′ and hit the tab (TAB) key. Now click save and start working with your new clip!

The tab trigger is one of my favorite features of Coda’s clips, and can really save you a lot of time by typing tedious code for you. To use the one we just set up above, type ‘ltie6′ and hit the tab (TAB) key in the Text Editor window. Your new clip will insert itself into your document. Neat, huh?

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