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Away at MidCon #vDM30in30
@bfd_diplomacy is an unusual twitter handle for an IT geek, but then again, when you understand that the diplomacy bit is the boardgame Diplomacy (and a lot of the people who still play this are in IT it seems) then you might get it. Anyway, in an attempt t...

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UK VMUG UserCon - Community Focus - #vDM30in30
We're now a mere week away from the VMUG UK UserCon on 17th November, but there is still time to register  ahead the day itself. You should also remember that you can simply turn up on the day, as always. We'll be happy to see you either way. If you want to...

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Fun with CloudCred! #vDM30in30
It's a triple point Tuesday (well, it was when I wrote this and it's OK, they are all triple point Tuesdays) so what better day to take a look at CloudCred and see what it's all about? This is another post as part of the vDM30in30 series that I am trying to...

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A little about me - #vDM30in30
Maybe this is a bit of a #vDM30in30 cheat, but I updated the " About Me " part of my blog to include a whole lot more stuff, as I have not had a lot of time recently to do more with the whole  #vDM30in30 thing. Sometimes they make me do stuff at work and so...

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The Podcasts in my Feed - #vDM30in30
Every so often, the question gets asked - what are the good tech podcasts that I should be listening to on my commute? (or while dog walking, on the plane back from Barcelona, whilst downhill skiing etc.) OK, I couldn't help it, we're talking about podcasts...

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Site Outage - #vDM30in30
I've just had to recover from an outage. Fortunately, this was my first experience of my blog being unavailable since I added the custom domain on to the front of it a couple of years ago, but non the less, it's left a sour taste in m...

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TAM Customer Central at VMworld for #vDM30in30
So this is a post that comes on the back of a promise made in
Barcelona this year to spread the word about TAM Customer Central, an easy
promise to keep given that I think it is such a great resource.  First off, what's a VMware TAM? Well, he or her is a  T...

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Thoughts around VMware on AWS - #vDM30in30
It seems like everyone and his dog has written a post about this already, so here's mine. The biggest buzz at VMworld Europe was actually about an announcement that came out the week before, which is quite something, considering that a lot of nice announcem...

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VMUG UK UserCon, November 17th! #vDM30in30
In just a couple of weeks, I'll be attending my fourth UK VMUG UserCon, which is set to be the biggest VMUG event in the UK this year. As usual, the UserCon is being held at the National Motorcycle Museum, close to the NEC and Birmingham Airport. This years...

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My Current Homelab Setup
As a confirmed Homelab freak and a#vDM30in30 participant, I guess that a post on the content of my lab would be pretty much expected. I'm a permanent member of staff in a large company, so I do have access to a considerable amount of kit on different contin...
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