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Joe Herbers
Well-rounded nerd and father
Well-rounded nerd and father

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Good overview of some of the issues with microservices.

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If you're a Weird Al fan, this episode is a fun tour of his albums and such.

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For those into tech especially the web and early days of computing, this podcast is pretty cool. Lots of in-depth interviews with people involved in pioneering the internet.

August CinJUG - Spark w/ Jason Hubbard

Thursday, August 25th, 6:00 PM

MAX Technical Training
4900 Parkway Dr 
Suite 160
Mason, OH 

You may have heard Spark is the most active Apache project, but have you looked into what it really does and how?  If not, come join us and learn the fundamentals of Spark and learn what's next in Spark 2.0.  If so, join us anyway for some free pizza and a conversation after the presentation.
+Jason Hubbard​

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Good post. So true and so painful...
"So when you think of tech debt, don’t think only in terms of the business problem of delayed features and rising defect counts. Think of the human cost, and the much more serious, much longer term business problem that results."

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Tickets for Ohio DevFest 2016 are now available at!

GDG Cincinnati is teaming up with GDG Columbus to put on Ohio DevFest! Ohio DevFest will be a one day developer conference with great speakers organized into multiple tracks.

Ohio DevFest 2016 is a 100% community organized developer conference with industry experts presenting on exciting topics including mobile, web, cloud, virtual reality, machine learning, and more! Ohio DevFest 2016 is scheduled for November 19th, 2016 at the University of Cincinnati campus.

You can get all the latest information and purchase tickets visit 

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Good post about email and task management.
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