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Writing Hot 'n Heavenly Romance
Writing Hot 'n Heavenly Romance

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Beautiful Livvy

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I am in love with my new Canon EF50mm/f1.8 STM lens.

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Taken with my new lens. (Canon EF 50mm/1.8 STM)

I'm looking at cloud storage...
Basically, what I want is:
Storage rather than Sync
Taking RAW files and Video.
Reasonably priced

The RAW leaves out Amazon Prime. Which, while it has unlimited photo storage, does not take RAW.

Storage as opposed to Sync -- what do I mean by that?
I don't want to have to maintain a folder on my main computer, that syncs back and forth. (i.e. Dropbox / Onedrive). I want to upload, and leave it there (unless I need it) without it trying to sync the entire folder to my Desktop.
I have external storage (HDD) locally, that's not a problem. But I want to back up stuff I must not lose. Ever. The irreplaceable stuff. The photos / videos of a departed loved one that can never be replaced. (Which I already store in various places - but one more can't hurt.)
But yes, upload/download, rather than sync. Simply because I want to choose the location I'm storing stuff on, and not have to have a dedicated Dropbox/Onedrive/Google/Amazon etc folder on my desktop.

I've looked at Crashplan -- which seems to do what I want, and is very reasonable, but I haven't committed to any one provider yet.

So, any suggestions? Advice?

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I love the way the light is in this pic. Taken under the field shelter.
Canon 550D & Canon Lens

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Taken in my back yard, with a Canon 550D.
They are feeling a little feisty. :)

Hi, I'm looking for a friendly, helpful photography forum.
I'm a beginner / get-lucky-sometimes intermediate who wants to learn more and not be told that her kit sucks. :) (Which it probably does, but hey, that's what I got.)
I mainly photograph my horses, cat, the dogs and landscapes where I live.

Looking for a friendly, helpful photography forum.
Any recommendations?
(Beginner / Botching Intermediate)

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My little Printer Engineer...
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