Moving Beyond the Second Life Paradigm
In a discussion here in Opensim Virtual @ I broached the idea of forking viewer code to begin the process of moving seriously beyond Second Life protocols in order to advance Opensim itself.

I wrote in that post, "I don't know much about the licensing of viewer code but it seems to me that, if anything needs forking, it should start with the viewer aiming for a new set of protocols that allow advances in Opensim code at the expense of breaking compatibility with SL probably although I'm sure a viewer could be run in either SL mode or Opensim mode. My view is to forget SL and go all out for an Opensim viewer, pure and simple - even a web viewer ideally."

So, today, I want to test community interest and I have set a pole for that here. Please vote for your preference and comment if you wish. Let's have a conversation...
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Yes & count me in for money &or code
No, bad idea. Stick to SL compatability
Yes, build an advance viewer for Opensim
Yes & count me in for money &or code
No, bad idea. Stick to SL compatability
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