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Communication is Relationship
My Professor in Anthropology, Dr Mohd Aris Othman once asked us in class if we interacted with the people in the cars surrounding us in a traffic jam. We said no. "If you don't interact with them, then why do you drive fast on an empty highway? Why don't yo...

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There is no such thing as Public Speaking
Speaking to 5000 students at Universiti Malaya during their orientation week in 2016. The human brain is built with sensitivity to certain things. Three of the most important are questions, stories and faces. Faces allow us to access empathy. Research shows...

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Coaching Questions
A coach who works with a coachee has the task to clarify the conversation in order to be effective. In essence, it isn't for the coach to know, but for the coachee to be clear on their own situation, goals and methods. As part of a coach's ethics, we do not...

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Building Rapport and Listening to Coach
A good coach must have the ability to do two things well: Build Rapport and Listen. Among others, these two skills are paramount as it is the foundation upon which all other skills are built. G.E.M.P.A.K. Where Building Rapport is concerned, ONE Coaching me...

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Habits & Elements of Coaching
Coaching is a highly-involved, highly-conscious conversation between a coach and their coachee to allow for a resolution of a coachee's issues. For a conversation to be productive, a coach must have the following habits: 1. Highly-conscious In order to help...

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Mapping Functions to Different Parts of the Brain
The physical human brain can be thought of as separate parts, even though technically, they work together as a whole. Most of the top of the structure is what is called the forebrain. Beneath the forebrain is the brain stem. Connected to the brainstem is th...

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Move From Training To Learning, And Never Go Back
Have you ever heard of the role of Chief Training Officer? Not yet? Well, you won’t hear it anytime soon either. No self-respecting C-level officer of even a moderately-sized organisation would be caught dead wearing this title. For good reason: most compan...

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Learning From The Trainer-Motivator-Inspirator Dilemma
Being a Professional Learning Facilitator, I found it easy to introduce myself to clients because the certification and the system it was based on allowed me to ride on its promise of quality. However, for other learning professionals, one of the biggest ch...

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The Four Functions of the Brain
The human brain has four functions: Voluntary movement, Perception, Homeostasis and Abstract functions. Voluntary movement refers to any motor movement that a human being does, whether it be intentional such as closing a door, or an emotional response, such...

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EnSync Learning Conferred Prestigious Award
KUALA LUMPUR, 1 Mar 2017 - EnSync Learning's founder, Mohd Nadzrin Wahab was conferred the Global Training & Development Leadership Award by the World Training & Development Congress in Mumbai, India on the 15th of February 2017. Nadzrin, who was not in att...
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