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ISU Visits Sequoia National Park
Had the opportunity to send the best part of last week with a group from ISU Alternative Spring Break (ASB) in Sequoia National Park in California.  The 10 of us had a great week just taking in the mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and sunshine.   To earn our ...

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Quick Things I Learned Teaching on Heaven and Hell
Quick Things I Learned Teaching on Heaven and Hell 1.        Teaching on Heaven is infinitely more popular
than teaching on Hell 2.        Like it or not, the bible clearly teaches you
are going to one or the other: Matthew 25:31-46 3.        Most people be...

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Panama City Beach in January
Spent 4 days in Panama City Beach in early January, and was pleasantly surprised.  My first trip to the panhandle of Florida as we normally go further south.  We visited a couple of days with Sherrie's parents, and then spent 2 days at the Holiday Inn Resor...

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Do the Wise Thing 24 Hour Challenge
Up for a little challenge?  This may seem a bit simple, but I have a feeling it might be tougher than you think.  Give it a try and let me know how it goes for you. Pick a 24 hour period of time, and write the date down in advance:
__________________ Pray...

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A good view from the lowly bunk bed
One of my good fortunes is the opportunity to travel a lot
in my lifetime, and more so in the last few years.  One interesting thing in common in the most
important of those travels sounds a bit odd, but I would have to say is the bunk bed.
 A bunk bed actu...

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Why we should get out of Syria Now
Why we should get out of Syria Now      Aleppo Syria is often in the news these days as it well
should be.  What’s going on there with
the civil war is certainly a catastrophe of the worst order.  If that is the case, why do I believe the
United States shou...

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Fountain of Youth Found
This past weekend they had the first official opening of the
lake jump at the Griffen Bike Park.  It
was also just a couple of days before my 58 th birthday so I was
thinking birthday present to self. 
However, the day was one of endless rain showers so I p...

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Your Value as a Human Being
Your Value as a Human Being Genesis 2:7 Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of
the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man
became a living being. The Body We indeed are made of the common earth elements (the dust of

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Being Gracious in Defeat
Going into the 31 st annual Terre Haute Triathlon
I had a single goal of winning my age-group (55-59).  Bottom line, I didn’t win it, or get second,
but got a close 3 rd .  I’ve had
plenty of experience in regional and national level events to know I’m by n...
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