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Maxwell's fitness tips
I have greatly improved my fitness over the past ~1.5 years, including weight loss, strength gain and increase in flexibility. A bunch of people asked me what I did, so I wrote up the approaches I took here. I hope you find this helpful!  Please comment bel...

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We just posted a preprint that describing genome annotations of 164 human cell types. These annotations, created using Segway from a total of 1,615 genomics data sets, annotate the regulatory state of each cell type. We also combined the annotations into a single cell type-agnostic encyclopedia of all of the observed human functional regulatory elements. If you are interested in the function of a particular genomic locus, these annotations are a great way to understand its activity and function. We hope you find them useful!


Download and visualize the annotations:

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Max's tips for West Coast Swing partnered practice
I find that partnered practice is one of the best ways to improve my dancing. Partnered practice has a bunch of advantages over social dancing: You can get video of your dancing; you get to dance with just your favorite partner; you can focus on any specifi...

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Very exciting! Our Genome Research paper on finding chromatin domains with graph-based regularization was just named as one of ISCB's "Top 10 Regulatory & Systems Genomics papers of 2015". There are a bunch of other great papers in that list -- check them out here:

+Michael Hoffman +Ferhat Ay +William Stafford Noble +Jeffrey A. Bilmes

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My advisor and I wrote this review of machine learning in genomics, aimed at a general biological audience. If you work in biology, I hope you find it valuable!
Maxwell W. Libbrecht and William Stafford Noble. "Machine learning applications in genetics and genomics". Nature Reviews Genetics (2015) doi:10.1038/nrg3920
+William Stafford Noble 
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