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It's me... Twan...
It's me... Twan...


Boned by Facebook!

I guess Facebook doesn't appreciate people like me who legitimately use a pseudonym, i.e.: Twan. I don't want my real name to be associated with the name Twan. I have a million and one reasons that I won't go into here. I have a separate account with my real name for everyone else, which I rarely used. But, most of the world knows me as Twan.

I've been on Facebook since 2009, and all of a sudden, I'm locked out of my account until I meet their demands to supply them with official identifying information. When they see that my FB name and my real name don't match, they will then add my real name to my account, with my assumed name underneath it.

I don't wish to intermingle my real name and my assumed name. They are two completely separate parts of my life. I don't want certain people to be able to find me online. So the only option that the FB executives, in their cold, calculating wisdom, devoid of empathy and humanity, my only option is to lose access to my account. I can't even log on now, if only to delete my account!

This is such a lame ass move on their part. In their quest for more advertising money, they have completely ignored the fact that their service is based on human connections. They have forgotten that all-important human aspect, focusing instead only on cold, hard numbers. It is actions like these that cause people to HATE corporations, understandably so. I hope it turns out to hurt them badly. But with over a billion users, I'm sure it won't make a dent.

So now, here I am on the almost forgotten Google+ social network, trying to see if there is any action over here.

Also considering opening up an account over at .

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